House and Cottage

Wooden house in chalet style with an unusual interior


In this interior everything is not the way we are used to, andSimultaneously with this surprisingly natural and harmonious. If you are looking for original ideas on a combination of materials, shapes and textures, and if you just like wooden houses - this chalet will surprise you. This chalet really wants to be called turned inside out. The thing is that the now fashionable reception of the "penetration" of the landscape into the interior in this project has acquired a completely new face.

Pay attention to the dining area - it's a wholeScene from the winter forest. A massive table top surrounded by chairs covered with sheepskins like a split log in the midst of snowy hills and a radiant sun from above. Such countertops with a bare texture, as if fresh from the woods, are now especially relevant, under the skins - modern minimalist chairs.

The tree continues in the kitchen, where the sunHowever, it breaks down behind the clouds. It is all the same yellow and warm, but either sits down, or gets up. For breakfasts and dinners it is impossible to think up an atmosphere better. In our opinion.

The facades of the kitchen from the whitewashed wood are very popular now. On both sides of the refrigerator are built niches.

The bedroom creates a feeling of almost completeImmersion in the "material" according to the example of the dreams of the movie hero, when he "wakes up" in the middle of the forest, gets out of bed, through which the trees already began to grow, and walks along the soft moss into the depth of his subconscious. Probably, for the owners of this chalet, the correct experience of dreams plays an important role.

The bed is obviously designer and very expensive, but if you want, you can do the same yourself from the footsteps. As bedside tables, ordinary logs were used.

In the living room, the feeling of "fantastic" of what is happeningSlightly less obvious. It is understandable, mainly conversations are conducted here. The author of the project tried to ensure that for those same conversations the hosts and their guests had enough for several years to come.

Warm deep earthy shades help"Plunge" into the interior, almost "buried" in it. The authors used light as a contrast and simultaneously a harmonizing element. The living room is literally filled with sunlight, and with the arrival of darkness in the room, the sunrise-sunset, already familiar to us in the kitchen, reigns.

The chair under the picture is also designer and very expensive, but still looks in the subject.

Separately I want to mention the bathroom. To someone it may seem too cold. All the same, the fox, running through the snowy forest, the image is quite obvious. However, we dare to assure you that there are people among us who experience positive emotions from the opposite. They are hot in warm palettes and uncomfortable in spacious rooms. To keep warm, some of us need to freeze to begin with, and to finally feel at home, you need to get a little lost. Probably, it was for such customers that this amazing interior was created.