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Yellow color in the interior: tips for use and shopping

Do you rarely see the sun in your windows? Compensate for his absence will help bright and cheerful yellow color. Set it in your interior in the form of juicy accents or make a bright background, and what and where to buy this summer, read in our today's material Despite the fact that the yellow - a very sunny and warm color, many treat him with caution, and for that , In order to paint the walls in it, and the units are solved at all. Meanwhile, there is a huge number of shades of yellow: warm and cold, bright and muffled, quite light and darker. There are plenty to choose from! If you still have not decided to brighten up the rainy summer days, throwing a couple of bright yellow pillows on the couch or updating the textiles in the bedroom, you urgently need to go shopping, which will help create a cheerful mood at home. And we will tell you how to use it correctly and what bright novelties you can buy in Moscow this summer. Bright accents Surely you have seen pictures more than onceInteriors in a neutral color scheme, in which there are bright yellow "flashes". Such accents always look very stylish, especially in combination with white and cold shades of gray. As the color elements can act and individual pieces of furniture, and a variety of textiles, and decor. If you want to decorate a table with a couple of bright chairs, then in Crate and Barrel stores you will find several models of saturated yellow at once. Willa Dining Chair Vintner Dining Chair Dining chair Vienna If the refrigerator colorEgg yolk or bright yellow dining chairs - too extreme for you, start small. For example, in Yves Delorme you can find options for every taste: from decorative pillows to bed linen and elegant antique vases. And you can add yellow color to the kitchen with bright dishes, trays and textiles, which are also presented in the stores Crate and Barrel. Decorative cushion Yves Delorme Decorative cushion Yves Delorme Decorative cushion Yves Delorme Decorative cushion Yves Delorme Decorative cushion Yves Delorme Kitchen Towels Crate and Barrel Deep bowl Crate and Barrel Crate and Barrel Mug Cup holder Crate and Barrel Vase with a lid "Condiment", Yves Delorme Duvet cover Vegetal Honey, Yves Delorme Pillow Solstice, Yves Delorme Lovers of the brightTextile is worth paying attention to a new collection of fabrics from the studio Harlequin, which recently appeared in the store Manders. Inspiration for it served as a canvas of artists-fauvists, hence the name of the line - Fauvisimo. The main colors - cobalt, purple, gray, muffled and pink - are diluted with warm mustard and honey hints of yellow. Fabrics Harlequin, collection Fauvisimo Fabrics Harlequin, collection Fauvisimo Fabrics Harlequin, collection Fauvisimo Fabrics Harlequin, Fauvisimo collection SolarDetails It's not a secret for anyone that the interior forms little things. Such seemingly insignificant details as carefully selected aromas for the house, foam for a bath in an elegant flacon and nice bath towels, not only raise the mood daily, but also make the home environment cozy and harmonious. We recommend to start with bright textiles for the bathroom and all sorts of nice little things that are presented in the summer collections of Yves Delorme and Crate and Barrel. Bathroom Foam Tentation Gold, Yves Delorme Bathroom Foam Tentation Gold, Yves Delorme Soap in the box "Honey", Yves Delorme Accessories Agraria, Lemon, Verbena, Yves Delorme Towels Etoile mimosa, Yves Delorme Towels Solstice, Yves Delorme Towels Solstice, Yves Delorme Bathrobe Solstice, Yves Delorme A set of candles Crate and Barrel A set of candles Crate and Barrel Candlestick Crate and Barrel Sponge Crate and Barrel Cheerful backgroundYou should be afraid to use yellow as a background: this color looks great on the walls, especially in the kitchen, in the dining room and the children's room. However, there is room for him in the living room, in the bedroom, and even in the office. Choose a shade and saturation depending on your tastes and style. So, for classical interiors the muffled yellow in a combination to white, gray or beige will approach more, and here in a dynamical modern interior bright sunny shades perfectly will be entered: lemon, canary, yellow and others. A wide selection of wallpaper this summer was presented by the shop "SpetsNaDom": various variations of yellow color are pleasing to the Belgian (Omexco, Arte), English (Linwood) and American (Paul Mongomery, Thibaut) brands. Wallpapers «WallpapersDown» Wallpapers «WallpapersDown» Wallpapers «WallpapersDown» Wallpapers «WallpapersDown» Wallpapers «WallpapersNoHome» How to apply a yellow color in the interior - 5 tips:

  • If you like bright shades of yellow,Be sure to balance them with calmer and cool colors: white, gray and black are best for these purposes, as well as the natural color of the tree.
  • In the kitchen, the yellow color truly works wonders: He not only invigorates not worse than a cup of coffee, but also awakens the appetite. For the dining area, the warmest shades are best: vanilla, golden, creamy. Also, darker variants of yellow with a "culinary" bias are perceived well: mustard and all kinds of spices.
  • An interesting effect is given by a combination of yellow with black and white colors at the same time: a very bright and balanced ensemble is obtained. Especially good this trio looks in the bathrooms.
  • If you are not afraid of saturated colors, underlineYellow color deep blue shades - together they give a very beautiful combination. In a more relaxed version, blue can be replaced by a gray-blue color.
  • Among the variety of yellow shades there is one,Which is best avoided: a rather dark yellow color on the border with the green. Visually, it is perceived worse than others, so it's better to give preference to more unequivocal shades or choose instead of yellow green.

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