With your own hands

Are you a botanist? Master-class on making mini-frames for bouquets


It's time to remember that no designeraccessories will not be able to liven up your interior in the way that ordinary flowers will. And in order not to clutter up the atmosphere with numerous fragile vases, use frames and walls Flowers are masterpieces created by Mother Nature. And masterpieces should be framed and displayed in the most conspicuous place. Such an original composition is not difficult to create with your own efforts. To do this you will need:

  • ordinary wooden frames (you can use the frames for photos, removing the glass and the substrate beforehand);
  • small glass vases (they can be any transparent containers of small size, for example, bottles of baby food);
  • paint (to give the frames a little more personality);
  • hank twine.

If you are not satisfied with the color of the existing frames,start with their painting. You can choose for work pleasant, unobtrusive colors: green, light green, yellow, blue or any other shades that can convey a joyful mood. To speed up the process, it is better to use the paint in the spray. Make sure you paint well not onlythe front and back of the frame, but also the ends of the product. Add a contrasting color to the frame for a classy, ​​antique look. In our example, this is dark gray. Dip a wet paintbrush into the paint. Then wipe it off on a paper plate so that only paint marks remain on it. Then gently brush across the front of the frame. Light traces of dark gray on a light background will create the effect of aging wood. To achieve greater naturalness, it is necessary to slightly clean the surface of the frame after the final drying of the paint. Strip should be in different directions. The next step is to work with twine.As practice shows, it is not worth saving here. To keep the vase securely in the frame, you need about a meter of twine. Of course, it would be easier to just stick one to the other, but in this case, you will not be able to take proper care of your decorative composition, namely: remove and wash the vases. To begin with, we will fix the string on the top bar of the frame as shown in the photo. Next, using a knot, mark the place where the ends of the string will touch the neck of the vase. This will help to properly position the vase inside the frame. Arrange the assembly between the work surface andthe neck of a vase. Wind the ends of the string around the neck in different directions until you have small tails sufficient to tie a pretty bow. If you did everything correctly, the result should look something like this. Now you just have to figure out where and howit is you who will hang your creations. To do this, you can use regular nails driven into the wall, or an additional base. In our example, this is a mesh that once served as a fence. The final touches remain. Fill vases with water and place flowers in them. Now you can enjoy wonderful aromas not only in nature, but also in your own apartment. flamingotoes.com