Interior of a one-room apartment

Interior design of a small apartment in Novosibirsk


Recently, the design company Mango turnedthe young man is the owner of a small apartment, who decided to reorganize his living space so that it seemed more spacious and was divided into several zones he needed. In this case, the architects were lucky that a full-fledged balcony turned out to be here, which made it possible to significantly increase the footage of the dwelling, turning into an office for work and study with a functional storage system.

Student dreams

The customer was a student, passionate aboutmusical and visual arts, as well as the latest computer developments. Each of these moments should have been reflected in the new setting. Balcony space had to be very useful, being an important part of ergonomic use of space. As a result, as the student wished, the employees of the company managed to combine comfort with a working atmosphere.

Storage systems

In this case, designers are limited to two.standard wardrobes - compartments that were installed in the bedroom and hallway. But for storing stationery, they have allocated a separate chest of drawers, just taken out in the work area, that is, on the balcony.


Any chandeliers and wall lamps can visually reducethe size of the ceilings, which, of course, you should not be afraid of, if the house has built-in lights. Only decided to decorate the kitchen original lamps hanging on long cords.

Color palette

The use of white and beige was quite expected.the basics, which have been diversified with bright patches like colored furniture, a jolly striped rug, multi-colored frames for paintings and other elements of boredom and pointing to the youth of the customer's decor elements.


And the part of the furniture that was bought in stores, and the one that was made to order, is designed specifically for the male perception of living space.


This project did not become the embodiment of any of the specific architectural styles, it can be called a vivid example of a comfortable, stylish, colorful and at the same time laconic youth interior.

A few more nuances

The main problem was a thorough warming.and moisture insulation of the loggia, which became a continuation of the living room. Also, quite a lot of time had to be spent on finishing the bathroom, lined with original designer tiles and decorated with a large number of transparent glass surfaces.

Advice of specialists

1 Starting any, even redecorating,First of all, draw the layout of the rooms on a sheet of paper so as not to be mistaken with the redevelopment options and dimensions of furniture sets. 2 Try to buy only natural and environmentally friendly materials. 3 At the base of the color scheme lay neutral colors that will not strain your eyes.