Decor of small squares

Photos of design ideas for small apartments


Design of small spaces is an art! However, there are many ready-made ideas: from storage systems and color palette to complex multi-functional furniture. In fact, there may be so many examples that it will be harder for you to choose than to find a suitable option.

  • First you need to maximize space.using color, light and mirrors. A small city apartment can look as spacious as a house, if you choose the right furniture and think over the design composition well.
  • For small rooms it is better to make furniture to order - it will help to more fully reveal the potential of each room!
  • When planning the interior of a small apartment, take care of free space: use sliding doors and mirrors, place boxes in an empty niche under the bed, get it!

There are many secrets that cantransform a small apartment. Experiment, communicate with like-minded people, use the advice of professional designers and, of course, read the posts of our popular site about small interiors!