Interior of a studio apartment

Photo examples of the design of small city apartments


For interior design in an apartment of 50 square meters. meters used minimalism style. During its implementation, the authors of the project tried to fully follow the wishes of the owners and leave as much free space as possible. All the main areas that should be functional, very clearly visible. From the very beginning, the layout of the apartment was free, except for the bathroom, but in the process of work most of the walls were moved - the bathroom became much wider, and the living room became, one might say, one piece with the loggia. The interior is very bright and airy,only the bedroom was fenced off from prying eyes. In order to emphasize the unity of the whole space in the apartment, the same floor covering is used for all zones - parquet. Minimalism is characterized by a large amount of white color, in which the walls are painted. The facade of dark furniture and the dial in the bedroom, also made of wood, perfectly contrast with the general background. For decoration of the bathroom was used porcelain tiles in light shades of natural gray and beige.


In minimalism in an apartment of 50 square meters. meters there are distinctive moments: the presence of a warm natural shade, natural finishing materials (natural stone and wood elements) make the interior extraordinarily cozy. The dynamic atmosphere in the apartment gives the contrast of a calm white background and glossy panels that are in the living room. The dark gray walls of the bedroom make it more tranquil.


Minimalism style is limitedthe amount of furniture that allows you not to clutter the space. But all the existing furniture is cozy and quite simple, like all modern headsets. A cozy living room is made by a large sofa with fabric upholstery, in the kitchen area there are a lot of wooden pieces of furniture - there is a table and high wooden chairs. The dining area is replaced by a bar. All clothes are stored in the large closet of the entrance area, and in the bedroom there is a small closet that holds laundry.


It is not recommended to design the interior of the apartment 50sq. meters using a variety of decorative elements - so the whole space, even very large, will seem fragmented and therefore close. Structural elements can be used, such as a large poster with a picture of a bright red ladybug above the worktable. From textile elements it is enough to have transparent tulle and heavy beige curtains, with which the decor becomes softer and more comfortable.


Lighting in this kind of apartments, where everythingit seems one, it is very important to organize correctly. It is best to make the light common, but do not forget about the local light source for each zone. So you can select a specific area from the rest and ensure its sufficient lighting. The authors of the project selected the following sources of local lighting: a strict floor lamp near the sofa, suspensions that hang from the ceiling in one line, in the dining area, a bedside lamp in the bedroom and a decorative spherical lampshade in the bathroom. The latter has such a shape that ensures the play of light and shade in the room.