How to expand the space in the apartment

Designer receptions for small interiors

A small apartment is, of course, not a problem, butowners of small apartments often face some inconvenience. Only an elaborate layout can make living in them comfortable for all family members. Today we set ourselves the task of finding out how to expand space in an apartment with simple means. First of all, in order to ensure that the housing that is limited in size does not seem cramped and crowded with things, every square meter must be used optimally.…

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Interior of a two-room apartment

The interior of a small apartment: a photo of comfortable redevelopment

The apartment is located in Les Corts - business andfinancial center of Barcelona. Despite this modern significance, the area has a long history and is built up with fairly old buildings. In particular, the reconstructed room is located in the house of the XIX century. Mistress Yuna is a Japanese woman who settled in Spain long ago. However, it did not eradicate the tendency towards traditional Asian minimalism. Initially, the apartment was randomly built up with walls, rooms, ...

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About partitions in the apartment

Modular wall: placement of things and functional division of space

Modular wall in the interior of a small apartment BA small apartment modular wall can be a real salvation. The growth of rent has led to the fact that people have to live in smaller and smaller rooms, however, this provokes imagination and the search for creative. Using sliding doors that hide the mess and divide the territory, Australian architect Brad Schwartz designed this project, which maximizes the space used, in…

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Decor of small squares

Photos of design ideas for small apartments

Design of small spaces is an art! However, there are many ready-made ideas: from storage systems and color palette to complex multi-functional furniture. In fact, there may be so many examples that it will be harder for you to choose than to find a suitable option. First you need to maximize the space with the help of color, light and mirrors. A small city apartment can look as spacious as ...

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The interior of small rooms

Making a small office in the apartment: professional advice

Take advantage of small andUnclaimed places Living in a small apartment is not easy. The lack of space immediately comes to the fore, especially if you decide to work at home. Usually it is solved by moving the furniture and even more cluttering the room. However, the tips from the article will help everyone to understand that even in the smallest housing there will be places that can be effectively used to house a home ...

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About redevelopment in the apartment

Design techniques in the interior of a narrow long room

Undoubtedly, everyone dreams to have in hisSpacious free-plan housing Such that was, where to roam the internal designer of any person and implement any ideas. But in reality, most often we get such an area where you don’t think too much. Ordinary apartments with rectangular elongated rooms or kitchen, in which to expand the space, demolishing the walls, it is extremely dangerous. When creating the interior ...

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Interior of a studio apartment

Photo examples of the design of small city apartments

For interior design in an apartment of 50 square meters. meters used minimalism style. During its implementation, the authors of the project tried to fully follow the wishes of the owners and leave as much free space as possible. All the main areas that should be functional, very clearly visible. From the very beginning, the layout of the apartment was free, except for the bathroom, but in the process of work most of the walls were moved - the bathroom ...

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The interior of small houses abroad

Modern small house from Japanese architects

Modern small house from Kouichi KimuraArchitects from the Japanese workshop Kouichi Kimura built a modern small house for a 50-year-old married couple. The family lives in a densely populated area. Customers asked to develop a project of a dwelling, which would seem spacious inside and compact outside. The layout is very simple: a living room in the center, all other rooms are adjacent to it. Designers have tried to create a visual sense of large space. They managed to do ...

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The interior of small houses abroad

Tiny houses are replacing mansions

Tiny houses are changing the face of America Against the backgroundThe ongoing crisis in the housing market and recession in other areas of the US economy. Tiny houses are gaining immense popularity among the country's population, pushing into the background the traditional “American dream” - a luxury mansion of immodest dimensions. Perhaps they are the new American ideal, more relevant to modern conditions? Christopher Smith and Meret Muller from Colorado - only one ...

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Garage arrangement

Reconstruction of the garage under the dwelling - photo of the implemented project

Bill Fry Construction - Wm. H. Fry Const. Co. This family enjoyed the comfort of their cottage, but they understood that they needed more space. “Our fidgets lived in one room, which was quite cramped,” says one of the owners. “We needed additional opportunities for children and guests.” The owners noticed a large garage full of various junk. "We…

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