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How to save money on water: 10 tips, new technology -


The modern way of life is a desire to be in time for everythingwhile saving time, resources and money. The desire to use everything around as rationally as possible is impossible without attention to detail, and today we tell you how to properly save water in your home and what new technology will help you with this.Water we need for life just like air, and differs from it in first of all, the fact that most people on the planet pay for its use. This expense item is so constant and natural that we hardly pay attention to how much and, most importantly, how we spend water. Admit it, when was the last time you read the statistics on water use, and did you read it at all? But dry and objective numbers really open your eyes and clearly show how many hundreds and even thousands of liters of water go nowhere, and along with them - money, saving which you can make in an apartment or make a major purchase. We have analyzed all (or almost all) existing ways to save water in the house and have selected the ten most effective ones for you. By adopting them, you can be guaranteed to save water without sacrificing comfort, and perhaps even with the benefit of it. To help you - our useful tips and novelties of plumbing, created specifically for the rational use of resources. one.Make repairs on time The very first thing that will help you save water is repairing everything, if necessary. A leaking toilet alone - already about 70 thousand liters of wasted water per year, it is not difficult to calculate losses in monetary terms. Check every faucet, toilet sink, taps and connections. We suggest a simple way to understand if there are leaks somewhere: before going to bed, write down the readings of the water meter and compare with what it shows in the morning. Provided that no one used the bathroom or toilet at night, a change in indicators will indicate that some kind of plumbing is still leaking. Once you've repaired everything you need, don't stop there and get into the habit of doing regular revisions in your kitchen and bathroom to fix problems in time. 2.Close the tap tightly Always! On average, a poorly closed tap “drips” up to 700 liters of water per month, which is approximately equal to 10-12 complete washing machine cycles. Imagine the numbers you get if you translate this into a year. There is only one way to deal with leaks: train yourself to check all the taps at least in the evening, ideally during the day. If you are leaving somewhere for more than a couple of days, it is better to turn off the water in the apartment altogether. 3.Use full load Only use the washing machine and dishwasher when they are fully loaded. Wait until you have a sufficient amount of dirty things or dirty dishes, and you can always wash and wash something by hand. Also, do not pour too much powder into the washing machine so that you do not have to use an extra rinse. Otherwise, you will be wasting not only water, but also electricity, which will at least double the useless waste. Most manufacturers think ahead andcare for the consumer, creating new economical models. For example, in the range of products of the Italian brand Smeg there are a number of models of dishwashers with a minimum consumption of water (8.5 l / cycle). They are designed specifically to increase productivity and reduce the use of water and, as a result, electricity. In addition, the design of dishwashers is very diverse, which means that the models will be liked by lovers of cute retro, and adherents of ultra-modern minimalism. Model BLV2 with a retro-body, a series of "Style 50's" Model BLV2 with a retro-body, a series of "Style 50's" Series «Style of the 50's» Fully built-in model STA4526 Model STA4513 4.Install a dual flush toilet Dual flush is a very handy feature that we hope all toilets will be equipped with soon. The principle of operation is simple: there are small and large volume buttons on the flush plate, most often these are 3 and 6 liters, respectively. Depending on the task, the toilet drains one or another amount of water, which significantly contributes to its saving. For clarity, let's make a small calculation: the competent use of the dual flush function will allow a family of three to save up to 15 liters of water per day and up to 450 liters per month. Two-volume flushing cisterns can be found atGerman brand GROHE. They assume three washout modes: single or double volume and interruption of flushing. You can choose between standard 3 and 6 liters, and also reduce the greater amount of flushing to 4.5 liters. five.Buy touch-sensitive faucets They work very simply: water starts flowing when you bring your hands to the infrared sensor and automatically stops when they are removed. Such faucets are more and more often found in public toilets of shopping and entertainment centers, where the daily flow of people is simply huge, which means that it is necessary to use water rationally. The advantages of the sensor are obvious: it completely solves the problem by constantly - and unnecessarily - an open tap. It is also very useful in the kitchen: with such a mixer, you will not have to get the faucet handles dirty on time. 6.Or use lever faucets. Most often, touch-sensitive faucets are more expensive than conventional ones. Therefore, if you are looking for a more budgetary option, give preference to lever mixers. They mix water faster than two taps, so it takes less time to find a comfortable temperature and less water is wasted. Many modern models are created specifically to save water, which is obtained up to 10-15 liters per day. 7.Explore the WELL WELL (Water Efficiency Label) classification system, the new European system of water efficiency standards. The developed classification makes it possible to evaluate sanitary equipment according to the degree of rationality of water consumption. Simplicity is its main plus, it is understandable to any consumer. All mixers and showers are divided into classes, from A to D, depending on how much water and energy they consume. Class A is the highest, and if you see the corresponding mark on the product, then you can be sure that you are buying not just a beautiful, but also an economical thing. Pay attention to mixers and otherplumbing with GROHE EcoJoy ™ technology from GROHE. They are designed to maximize the rational consumption of water and electricity without compromising on comfort. GROHE became one of the first manufacturers whose products were included in the new WELL classification. Concetto Collection Concetto Collection Collection Eurodisc Cosmopolitan Collection Eurodisc Cosmopolitan Collection Europlus Collection Europlus Collection Eurostyle Cosmopolitan Eurostyle Cosmopolitan collection Anna Deneva,Marketing Communications Manager Grohe: - All GROHE EcoJoy ™ single-lever basin mixers are equipped with an integrated pressure limiter for perfect flow and minimum flow (maximum flow is only 5.8 l / min). In addition, GROHE EcoJoy ™ faucets have a built-in temperature limiter to help reduce energy consumption. These innovations have earned GROHE EcoJoy ™ basin faucets the prestigious WELL (Water Efficiency Label) emblem of the European Pipeline Manufacturers Association. According to her rating, single-lever basin mixers are rated in two categories: flow rate and water temperature. In each category, GROHE EcoJoy ™ sink faucets scored the highest and received an A rating. 8. Don't keep the tap open unnecessarily. body in the shower, brush your teeth, cook food and so on. In 10 minutes, a tap open at full capacity can consume up to 150 liters of water. Now imagine if, while washing dishes, you keep it open for only 3 minutes out of these 10. If you think about it, you get a very tangible savings. nine.Love to take a shower Few people do not like to soak in a warm bath, relax after a hard day, or just dream. This is undoubtedly a pleasant and necessary procedure for home relaxation, but it is not hard to guess that a shower is still much more economical. We do not urge you to give up a long thoughtful bathtub forever, but it is definitely worth falling in love with a shower. Use it in most cases, and for a bath that consumes at least twice as much water, set aside a specific day. 10.Make friends with smart appliances It's simple - replace your old plumbing with a more modern one, which is designed for the rational use of water and energy, and also meets the current standards of water efficiency. And don't be afraid of innovation. Yes, we are all conservatives by nature, unknown functions seem almost hostile to us (and at first glance unnecessary), but you just have to carefully study them once, and you will literally open a new world for yourself. We suggest not to postpone the matter indefinitely andright now to get acquainted with several more novelties of plumbing in the style of "smart home". For example, a Spanish company with almost a century of experience Roca can find several very useful things at once. First of all, these are push-button mixers. Water comes from them in portions, that is, exactly as much as necessary, and not in an endless useless stream. Moreover, the parameters of these portions can be programmed independently: for example, water can flow for 15 seconds. Self-closing mixer Avant Self-closing outdoor shower mixer Sprint Self-closing mixer Sprint

You cannot pass by the W + W series, which includesin itself an innovative liquid disinfector, thanks to which, in the future, water from the sink can be used to drain the toilet. Marina Sidorina, Marketing Director of Roca: - One of the main trends of the Roca Group sees the joint development of design and ecology. Our products incorporate the latest technological advances to conserve and optimize water consumption. In addition to basic inventions such as flow restriction in faucets and the constant reduction of the volume of water required for flushing toilets, Roca is developing individual eco-friendly concepts. For example, the W + W series has received wide international recognition and has already received many awards today: Design Plus Award, Best-ED, WAN Award, Silver Delta Award and others. This model combines a washbasin and a toilet bowl, which allows you to save up to 50% of the water consumed in everyday life thanks to its reuse. System W + W System W + W System W + W System W + W W + W system Another novelty, this timelast year - the HiJet toilet from Laufen (one of the brands of the Roca Group), which consumes only two liters of water for a full flush. It meets all modern world standards of plumbing and is designed to be connected to standard installation systems where the flush setting is changed - instead of 6 or 4.5 liters, 2 liters are set, and this is enough for high-quality work. Marina Sidorina, Marketing Director of Roca: - Returning to the topic of ecology, it is important to mention that water consumption in these products is constantly decreasing. Standard is still dual flush 6 and 3 liters, but today more and more models are equipped with mechanisms for 4.5 / 3 liters. At Laufen, we have a HiJet model that delivers good rinsing with just two liters of water. HiJet toilet bowl from Laufen Laufen HiJet toilet In parallel with this brandLaufen continues to actively market rimless toilets. What are their benefits? In additional savings, which is very simple: less dirt - less cleaning and, therefore, wasting water on it. Marina Sidorina, Marketing Director of Roca: - There is no rim in the bowl design, and a high-quality flush ensures optimal distribution of water. Thus, the user gets additional ease of care and cleanliness. We have such models both in the Roca collections (for example The Gap) and in the Laufen collections (Kartell by Laufen, Pro series). Toilet bowl The Gap from Roca Toilet bowl The Gap from Roca Toilet bowl The Gap from Roca Toilet Laufen Pro S from Laufen Toilet Laufen Pro S from Laufen