Small bathroom interior

The interior of a small bathroom: functional and simple

Liz Weingart did not think that the reconstructionlocated in her house will take several months. Investment banker and marketer Liz was on a business trip in California at the moment when neighbors living from above had a sewer blockage that caused the flooding of her bathroom. This unpleasant news was reported by the house manager in New York, where Weingart lived for two decades. The damage was significant: the bathroom was old, and in the absence of Liz, water flowed from the ceiling for a full 10 hours. Liz went home on the first New York flight and found her apartment flooded. I had to do a great job to avoid mold and fungus. Liz hired repair specialists to make holes in the walls to dry them. The moisture level of the walls was fixed at 100%. The bathroom was like a piece of Swiss cheese.


The interior of a small bathroom before flooding afterAs the room dried out, Liz began to plan further action. Neighbors repaid her for damage, but these funds were not enough even for the simplest repair. In the photo we see the bathroom before the communal accident. The building in which Liz’s apartment is located was built in 1938 and slightly renovated - not in the best way - in 1990. The beige tile visually enlarges the room, but this does not change the overall picture much. Liz decides to do a real good repair, and not to update the old interior with cheap materials.


Design of a small bathroom after repair Liz thinkson how best to equip a small bathroom. The measurements made helped her to get an idea of ​​what you can count on in such a space. It became clear that the sink, for example, could not be moved. Liz decides to become her own designer and choose tiles, fixtures, plumbing and all the furnishings to her own taste, considering everything carefully. New sink and dressing table The most difficultthe problem was the choice of the dressing table, as well as the heated towel rail: both of these objects would inevitably take up too much space in such a small room. Components of standard sizes did not fit into a compact interior, and it was necessary to look for something smaller. Compact toilet in the updated bathroom interiorThe room with the toilet also had problems. To fit in the bathroom and match color and style with its interior, Liz had to go around a lot of shops looking for the right model. Shower and lighting in the bathroom Liz seriouslywent to design your new bathroom design. She learned that many people make mistakes by installing a shower-stand and lighting in incompatibility with the height of a person. The growth of Liz herself barely exceeds one and a half meters, but even in this case the level of placement of lamps, hangers and stands needed to be adapted to her individual parameters. Functional corner in the new design. The source of inspiration was the architecture of the chic hotels, the photos of which Liz printed and hung on the walls, complementing the black and white bathroom interior. Double niche - an element to save spaceand increasing its functionality. According to Liz, the arrangement of these niches in the wall next to the bathroom was one of her best ideas. They do an excellent job of saving space in such a small space. In total, the repair of this bathroom was spent twice the amount of insurance compensation. But isn't such beauty worth it? Do not be afraid to experiment and take on the role of a designer. Study modern materials, look through magazines, look for inspiration and create interiors in which you will feel as comfortable as possible.