The interior of a small kitchen

8 options for successful planning of small kitchens

Planning data is considered typical, sinceThere are very few options, on a small square it is very difficult to make a large selection. Kitchens in houses with the usual construction or have the shape of a square, or they are rectangular, the front door comes from the corridor, and opposite is a window. Perhaps the presence of a balcony or loggia. In this small box, the main task is the compact placement of the cooking area, cabinets for kitchen utensils, and, in fact, a place for meals. The usual location is a perimeter layout, but it can be done differently. Consider 8 layouts typical kitchens.

Hot shop + dining table

This kitchen layout is usually suitable forkopeck piece or, which have a kitchen area of ​​at least seven square meters. If there is an opportunity to get permission from the relevant authorities to dismantle the wall in the corridor, then this will be a very good option, the kitchen will turn out to be more spacious. If there is no permission, then the opening will be typical, the look of the kitchen will not deteriorate, but it will be a little cramped. It is also necessary to agree if the stove and sink according to the project is located in the zone of the kitchen peninsula. This option is good, provided that there is a living area or a guest room, as well as a small family.

Window wash

Non-standard solution, however, is unusual, andmore typical for foreign apartments. It transforms the space, brings beauty, but also requires special permission. It is a little impractical, one might even say, a bit inconvenient in everyday life, but quite original. Design engineers are constantly refining.series and update it. Currently, many houses have been built, in which the kitchen projections have a rather unusual layout. With the help of a protrusion on one of the walls, the space increases, it can be seen with the naked eye. In order to make such a repair, you need at least eight squares.

Kitchen Bar

This option is best suited not usualresidents, and owners - experimenters. The refrigerator is located in the basement, next to the bar. You can argue about whether it is practical, perhaps not everyone may like it, but each family has its own rhythm and individual preferences. Showyness is obvious. It is worth paying attention to the fact that the location is suitable for a room without a bay window, if it is possible to extend the room at least one meter long.

Kitchen-dining room

The plan is very similar to the previous one, however there arethe difference is in the entrance at the side, not the opposite from the bay window. This arrangement is best suited for apartments with three rooms, but with a good location can be done in apartments with a smaller square. This can make room for a large table, move the sink and work area to the smaller side. Additional comfort will make a cozy sofa, which will fit perfectly in one of the walls. More and more common in ordinary homes foundlayout, in which the kitchen has a rectangular shape. Extends the possibility of a loggia, which can be sheathed and combined with the kitchen. The location is ideal for various types of houses, the following options are most suitable for kitchens with a square over 9 square meters.

Warm balcony

In this embodiment, the bar is insteaddining table, since for him the placement does not represent such an opportunity. Opposite the zone are organized storage places for various kitchen items, and the refrigerator is located in the built-in furniture.

Dinner on the stove

There is also a bar instead of a dining table.stand, but the insulated balcony can not be combined with the kitchen, and leave everything as it is originally. Visible minus is a small place for dinner gatherings and the fact that it is very close to the stove. Many owners, especially those who like to go to various new-fangled establishments will feel comfortable in such an environment. If cooking is public with the presence of the audience, then this is what is needed. Consider a kitchen with a square of not more than 9 meters, in the form of a square, and the entrance is opposite the window or in a wall that is perpendicular to the window.

Kitchen island

Based on this option, the meal cancombine with cooking, that is, everything is close by, and not going far. On the dining table, again, you still have to forget, but in this version there is an opportunity to realize the dream of a kitchen space. For every taste and color you can find suitable options. The plan clearly shows the trimmed side of the loggia, which goes into the semi-merker part. This balcony solution is suitable for P-111M homes.

Tradition + modernity

This non-standard layout combinestwo options: the traditional arrangement of the headset in the shape of the letter L and the modern, in which the table is adjacent to the windowsill. And also the balcony can be insulated, but it is not necessary to combine it with the kitchen, which means that there is no need to coordinate. And again, the sheathed side of the loggia is clearly shown, which goes into the half-window part. It is suitable for P-111M type houses.