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The best essential oils for cleaning houses: 7 recipes


Why use chemical reagents,Whose impact on the body can shock at any time? Why do this, if there is an equivalent and absolutely safe alternative in the form of essential oils? Our article will convince you to get rid of at least part of the plastic bottles with chemicals

Aromatherapy has recently acquired an unprecedentedpopularity. Essential oils are increasingly used for the prevention of various diseases and are added to cosmetics. Today we will tell you about several more ways to use essential oils in your home. Air freshener

"Spirits" for home can be prepared with your ownHands - add a few drops of the essential oil you like to the atomizer with water and sprinkle the room. Premises where they smoke often, we recommend to treat with solutions with coniferous and citrus oils. Persecutor of moths

The moth never cleaves the nest in the wardrobe, whereSmells like rosemary, lemon, lavender and cloves. Pay attention, these essential oils need to be combined into a common bouquet. Next, the mixture will need to be applied to the sponge and wipe it with the inside of the wardrobe or closet. Odor eliminator in vacuum cleaner

The smell of dust can hardly be called acceptable, whereWhether it was, even in a vacuum cleaner. The cotton wool, moistened with ylang-ylang oil, will help to get rid of this problem. Put it in the vacuum cleaner can be the most natural way for him - tightening into the tube. Air freshener for refrigerator

A piece of cloth, moistened with lavender and mandarin oil, destroys the flavors, replacing them with yourself. From time to time this action will need to be repeated. Air freshener for trash can

Destroy the flavors of the garbage can help wadded disc with a few drops of orange and tea tree oil. With this mixture, we recommend wiping a previously washed trash can. The odor eliminator in the microwave

The procedure is simple - a glass of water and 5-7 drops of lemon oil should be left in the microwave for 3-4 minutes, turning it on to maximum power. Freshness for toilet

A few small aromakamney with a couple drops of sandalwood oil will help maintain a pleasant fragrance in the toilet for 5-7 days. The procedure will have to be repeated on a regular basis.