The interior of a small kitchen

The interior design of a small kitchen: original ideas for culinary inspiration


Small kitchen design: interior in gray colors with a partition The design of a small kitchen can be functional and beautiful, if you intelligently optimize the space, due to the game of color, visually change its volume and add a few items that can emphasize its unique style.

Small kitchen with a partition

Wooden partition with a large openingdesigned by designer Marianne Evnu, it serves both as a bar counter and a sorting dispensing table for guests. Here we see a solution that easily separates the kitchen from the room, without blocking the light, while maintaining the possibility of communication for family members and creating a sense of depth. The following example shows the room ina room created with the help of a glazed partition, the frame of which is forged from iron by the French company Fer Forgé. It also perfectly transmits the light, but it effectively separates the kitchen from the living room.

Design small kitchen in red colors

Paint the kitchen wall red, whichinvariably attracts attention, the designers were able to reduce the sense of disproportionality in this studio apartment, resulting from the reworking of a 43 m2 boutique. As a result, the small kitchen IKEA appears at its best. The following kitchen is formed by experts.Manganè Atelier of two red blocks. Below the bar counter separates the kitchen itself from the dining table. On top of it echoes the ceiling unit, which is mounted in three hanging lamp. Such an ensemble gives a feeling of height and large kitchen volume, which is actually very compact.

Small kitchen, where every corner is rationally used

As an alternative to the cabinets in the wall, niches 30 cm deep were cut to accommodate accessories. To make them look better, some of them are painted in bright colors. An existing recess in the wall was used to install the shelves. The original design technique from architect Robert Gervais: paint all in different shades of gray.

Small kitchen, refined black

Architect Isabel Stanislas chose a combinationblack and white for a small kitchen renovation project in a historic building. The totally black set contrasts with the creamy whiteness of the walls. And the gray color of the stone countertops from Zimbabwe echoes the shade of the lamp shades of the lamps. In the Fabrice Diomar apartment, the entire kitchen is maintained inblack color: cabinets, table top and even the wall. All this is subtly diluted with white and gray elements of decor, which are interspersed with dishes and other everyday objects (bas-relief from Atelier style Directoire).

Small kitchen with integrated components

The slightest piece of space is used withmost effective in this kitchen based on the elements of Hygena. Even within the walls, designers cut niches to embed dishwashers and cabinets. The result is a comfortable apartment with a living room and two bedrooms on an area of ​​just over 35 m2. To optimize the space, architect Genola de Kelenon decided to build all IKEA kitchen cabinets and even a refrigerator in the wall.

Small kitchen that combines different styles.

In this narrow long kitchen ownedAntiquary Guillaume Touzelle, modernity and antiquity peacefully coexist. On the one hand - columns of built-in furniture with white lacquer coating, on the other - brass lamps and a wardrobe in the English style. This contrast makes the kitchen unique. In a narrow kitchen designed byAndrea Dall’Olio’s textile, symmetry is coming to the fore. The rows of soft pink cabinets, standing on both sides of the aisle, look like a mirror image of each other, and dilute their black lines, consisting of table tops and aprons. This graphic technique is very effective.

Small kitchen demonstrating the play of light

It is the blue color of the ceiling that provides a gorgeous look, adds height and light to this compact kitchen with a dominant gray color belonging to the designer and antiquarian Florence Lopez. Custom-made turquoise furniture and a yellow wall create a feeling of unity in a room of a very peculiar form. And despite the fact that this kitchen is quite small, it has its own charm and style. Pastel colors, dominating the decor of this kitchen in the English style, make it very cozy. The combination of turquoise walls, white ceiling and cream furniture looks just great.

Small kitchen with dining table

In this family workshop, a small table on metal legs is a continuation of the tiny kitchen, equipped on the mezzanine. He lets family members have lunch together. A glass bar that runs along the stairs was attached to a metal pillar. So the designers were able to win a few square meters to arrange a place for a meal. A corridor adjacent to the kitchen was used to equip the dining area in the form of a bar and two stools. This is the idea of ​​designer Robert Gervais. It is important that the area is absolutely all presentedhere the kitchens do not exceed 10 m2. Moreover, each of them, being interesting in its own way, is an example of a competent organization of space and an original approach to design. And which of these cuisines would you call your dream kitchen?