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How to decorate a summer holiday: 6 decorative tricks

In summer there is always an occasion for a holiday: the end of the school year or the beginning of the holiday, a birthday or a bachelor party. To celebrate a joyful event is best in the open air. And how to decorate such a holiday, we'll tell you Leto - the perfect time for organizing holidays under the open sky. Agree, it's much better to spend time with friends in nature than in a stuffy room. However, many fear that in this case will not suffice traditional bright entourage. In fact, with the help of several decorative tricks, even a modest cottage site can be given a truly festive look.

Stealth # 1: Ribbons

Tapes can give a solemn look to anysituation. You can decorate them with furniture or make them colorful garlands that will look great on the branches of bushes and trees. If you celebrate a holiday in a gazebo or in a tent, tapes hanging from the ceiling that are slightly worried by the slight breeze of the breeze will be a perfect addition to the basic decor. Moreover, from them you can build a charming summer tent.

Stealth # 2: flowers

If your celebration takes place in a blooming garden,fine: the best scenery and not come up. If not, take care that the flowers must be present on the festive table, or next to it, or even above it. This decor will not cost you dearly: ordinary field dandelions, chamomiles or cornflowers growing nearby can become a real decoration. And as a vase use transparent cans or bottles.

Trick # 3: Candles

Candles - the best option for decoration, whichcan "brighten up" your holiday outdoors. They do not need sockets and electricity. It is enough to place them in a transparent jar or other container to protect the flame from the wind. A variety of decorative compositions of candles, hung on trees or scattered in the grass, charmingly look even in daylight. And when it gets dark, they'll give you real magic.

Stealth # 4: Paper Accessories

Paper accessories are one of the most inexpensive andeffective ways to create a festive atmosphere. A variety of paper lanterns in combination with pompoms and garlands in an instant will turn a boring landscape into bright scenery.

Stealth # 5: photos

Photos are able to give the eventtouching personal coloring. Garlands of pictures, which capture the happy moments of life, will help to triple a truly unforgettable holiday for people close to you.

Stealth # 6: Balloons

Do not ignore such delightfuldecorative accessories, like balloons, mistakenly considering them attributes of purely children's holidays. Depending on the color (for example, you can stay on a black and white combination) and placement, they can be used as an additional stylish touch even on the most artsy socialite party. In addition, at the end of the holiday balls can be released into the sky, thus arranging a show for guests.