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Holiday in the garden: secrets of the summer decoration of the table


The secret of a good banquet is not onlythe quality of the dishes, but also in the successful design of the festive table. Read about how to decorate a summer table and provide guests with a good mood in our article. Psychologists say that table design affects the mood and even the taste perception of the people who sit at it. Therefore, when planning a holiday, you need to think over not only the menu, but also the table decor. Since summer is rich in outdoor celebrations, we want to share with you the secrets of decorating a table for a garden party.

Color spectrum

For summer table decor, it is best to choose bright, juicy shades (for example, napkins, dishes, textiles). Use only natural colors: neon or metallic will dissonant with them. If you want to create a stylized designWallpapers, play with color associations. For example, you can use as a decoration blooming strawberry bushes in pots in combination with the red color of a tablecloth or napkins, symbolizing these berries.

Decorative compositions

Summer decoration of the table impliesuse of seasonal decorative accessories. It can be bouquets of wild flowers, fruit or vegetable compositions, as well as a variety of combinations of both. Flower compositions on the table, which stands under the tree, it is better to add those that hang from the branches. It will look very impressive and festive. Place the flower on everyone's plate or napkinof the guests. Your friends and family will definitely appreciate this charming token. Fruits can be used not only in compositions, but also as personal plates. A personalized peach or lemon will look much nicer than a paper card.


Traditional tablecloth is not required at allthe decor of the summer table. It is enough to decorate its middle with a wide strip of fabric. This will provide a more relaxed and relaxed atmosphere at the table, as the guests will not worry because the tablecloth is slapped.


If you want to arrange an unusual banquet,Use in the decor of the table the actual summer theme, for example, marine. Cutlery, connected with a thin rope, and starfish on the plates will not only make a festive service, but will also prompt guests for a topic for conversation. Perfectly suitable for summer table decor andThe country theme in all its manifestations (country, provence). Stylized dishes, sunflowers, linen fabrics - these are your main assistants in this experiment.