Small bathroom interior

Photo design solutions for small bathrooms

In our country, a huge number of smallapartments in which the smallest room is a toilet, despite the fact that they have to use quite often. In many apartments, which delivers additional significant inconvenience, therefore, many are thinking about the possibility of dividing the bathroom to the destination.

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  • placement of mini-shells;
  • arrangement of shelves and cabinets.

On the Internet there are many photossimilar repair, but our gallery is adapted specifically for domestic model homes, where design ideas are limited by space. Even if it seems to you that apart from the toilet in the toilet, you can’t arrange anything else, look at the photos and you will see how the experts coped with it. Moreover, many do their own repairs, as it does not take much time. You will see that the most popular finishingmaterial is still considered. Today, manufacturers offer a huge range of these products, with a wide choice of size and color range. The tile does not require special care, it is durable, it retains moisture, it is not difficult to wash it. A selection of photos will help you to visually see the pros and cons of a particular color. Although designers recommend finishing in bright colors, as these shades visually increase the space. Tiled trim has its own minus - itreduces and so small space. The way out of this situation was the appearance of washable paint on the building materials market. On our site you will find interesting photos using this tool. In comparison with the tile, the possible color range, which will look harmonious, is much wider for the paint. Colors can be pink, green, blue, yellow, mauve. But the white color of the paint does not look particularly aesthetically pleasing. Moisture-proof wallpaper is another interesting solution.for decoration of the walls of a small toilet. Wallpapers are easy to decorate, so if you have a lot of creative ideas in this regard, then this material will be very useful. On such walls you can hang pictures, stickers, wall decorations. After you have decided on the material for finishing, think about the possibility of installing a small sink. The need for this attribute in the toilet is obvious. If the place does not allow you, do not worry, because no matter how small the toilet is, there will always be a place for a hygienic shower. Finish your repair space optimization with various shelves and cabinets. In our gallery of photo collections there are only the best pictures published, having carefully studied which, you can choose for yourself the most functional interior of a small toilet in your opinion.