Small bathroom interior

Photos of designer interiors of small bathrooms


A small bathroom is not a sentence, it isguide to action. The main functional purpose of this room is to perform hygienic procedures. The main task in creating the interior is to ensure that all manipulations are carried out with comfort and, in addition, a person would receive maximum satisfaction from the contemplation of the surrounding space. The photographs in the presented gallery show some design options. Space is less than in a small-sized bathroomapartments are hard to imagine. Therefore, it is important to think through every detail of the design. You need to make the most of the form, light and color. Every year a huge number of new products appear on the plumbing market, including for small premises. It is necessary to measure the bathroom with all the interchanges of the flow and withdrawal of water to within a centimeter. Then, on the basis of the drawn-up scheme, to develop the concept of the interior, taking into account the sanitary equipment. By the way, there are programs on the Internet with which you can model the invented interior and look at it in the picture. Some ideas for the ergonomic organization of the small bathroom space are depicted in the photo.

  • You can replace the standard bath acrylic corner placement or shower. Thus, the space under the washing machine will be released.
  • Color selection is an important issue. Tile is better to use medium size in bright colors. The best option is two shades of the same color range.
  • Lighting for a small room should beas bright as possible. This will push the walls apart. It is necessary to give preference to spotlights. With the same purpose, you can use mirror elements and shiny, reflecting light, details: accessories and accessories.
  • Bathroom space should be used alongmaximum functional: shelves in the shower or over the bathroom, drawers under the sink, shelves and niches. Just need to remember that all accessories must be made in the same style.
  • An ideal place for the equipment of various shelves for the storage of household chemicals - a place under the bathroom, which is covered with special panels.
  • It is worth remembering the rule for all small rooms: as little as possible of small decorative objects - they visually “eat up” the volume.
  • Physically you can increase the size of the bathroom by combining it with a toilet. The gain in the area will be from a few centimeters to a couple of meters. But still this path is not acceptable for all families.

Thus, we can conclude that after reading the selection of photos about the most successful, adding a little creativity, it is possible to transform your several meters of cleanliness to the state of ideal!