Interior of a studio apartment

Stunning design project of a small loft apartment

The apartment has a small area of ​​37 squaremeters - one-room and absolutely no opportunity to expand the space, using additional space. Therefore, there were some difficulties in creating a new design project. As a result, the authors had to sacrifice the territory of the corridor, which, according to the new planning, moved to other zones. In its place, modern capacious storage systems appeared in the form of a large closet that simultaneously separates the space of the living room and hallway. The style is characteristic of people of established views, not afraid to change anything in their lives. All elements are made of natural raw materials: the walls are lined with brick, the sofa is covered with leather, the cabinet furniture and the ceiling finish are woody.


From the point of view of modern approaches to the comfort and convenience of residential premises, this apartment, built in the last century, does not meet the conditions for proper organization of space. Experts dismantled almost all the designsdividing the room, hallway and kitchen. The result was a huge spacious room filled with natural light and air. As a result of the redevelopment of the corridor and the use of free space, the designers were lucky to increase the bathroom. After installing the cabinet separating the living room from the entrance, a small cozy hallway was formed.


In a small apartment is quite difficultorganize and install many functional storage systems. Especially, if it does not even provide an elementary storage room. In this room, the most important and capacitive place to store things was a huge cupboard at the entrance. Also, it became possible to hide the accessories in the cabinet under the TV, in the kitchen cupboards, bathroom furniture, and also in the original chests tables located next to the sofa.


The task of lighting a small area has a veryoriginal solution. The customer refused standard chandeliers and lights. He wished to use extraordinary ceiling water pipes with cylindrical lamps attached to them. This non-standard design element perfectly complemented the interior style. The function of the secondary lighting of the room is performed by wall lamps, purchased in the store, located above the dining table. They are attached using custom-made forged brackets.


As can be seen, has the main dominantbrick colors. According to the original layout, the design should be used brick old wall masonry. But, unfortunately, it turned out to be unsuitable, because in the old days for the erection of buildings they used everything that was at hand, even fragments of building materials. As a result, experts trimmed the walls and part of the partition between the living room and the kitchen with Dutch brick of natural shades. The modest mouse colors of the walls and the door to the bathroom perfectly harmonize with it.


The interior of the room used a minimum setfurniture. A miniature wooden dining table with a metal base has only two chairs in the set. A chic leather sofa and a massive wardrobe create an atmosphere of luxury and comfort. As fine decorating parts used unique thumbs for storing a variety of things.


Original brick walls perfectly decoratean apartment. Wooden ceiling with an unusual lighting system gives the room an extraordinary charm. Forged brackets for metal lamps fit perfectly and correctly emphasize the special style. Elegant fabric pillows and translucent curtains on the windows perfectly place accents in the room.


The customer expressed a desire to see in his homebrick walls and a luxurious Chesterfield sofa. This was the basis for registration of housing. To emphasize the long history of the house, designers used techniques that were fashionable in the past century: they installed a high elegant baseboard around the perimeter, and decorated the portals with the door and windows. Thus, one more style fit into the interior design - Stalin's Empire.


Area: 37 m² Wall height: 3 m. Hall: 6.2 sq. M. Living room: 14.5 sq.m. Kitchen: 8.5 sq.m. Bathroom: 7.8 sq.m.