Small bathroom interior

Useful recommendations for the interior of a small bathroom

In a typical apartment, the bathroom is a tiny one.little room And in order to turn it into a room where you can relax and recuperate, you first need to adhere to only one main principle: not a single extra object around. For example, you can take out a washing machine and integrate it into kitchen furniture. After all, it takes quite a lot of space, even if it has an “economy format”.

Rules for the design of small spaces:

  • the main color of the walls is light;
  • facing with large tiles will expand the space (the smaller the smaller lines the better);
  • laid on a diagonal on the floor tile visually increase the room;
  • shelves for the necessary details is better to choose glass;
  • mirrored surfaces reflect the light and visually increase the area.

And now a few examples so that you yourself can be sure that even such a “corner” can be cozy and comfortable.