Interior of a small living room: useful recommendations

A small living room is not a reason to be upset. After all, this is an excellent opportunity to fully demonstrate their creative abilities. If you make some effort, the interior of the small living room can be visually enlarged. And you can emphasize its dimensions, creating the concept of a room-casket, which for the interior of a small living room is suitable as well as possible. Design in Japanese stylePicture 1. In the design, decorated in Japanese style, use low and multifunctional furniture. If there is a desire to visually increase the size of the room, then you need to "move apart" the walls. For this purpose, it is advisable to use cool tones: gray-blue, pearly, pale green. On the windows you can hang light curtains, which will create a cosiness in the interior of the living room. For a small living room is not recommended to use the door, it is better to replace them with arches. The wider the arch, the better. If there is a desire to separate the living room from another room (for example, from the hallway or kitchen), then it is possible to install matt sliding doors. Thus, the interior design will be modern, elegant and very interesting.

How is the interior of the living room done?

Figure 2. For a small living room is best suited folding sofas. Interior design of a small room is not recommended to decorate with dark, purple tones, pompous furniture, gilded cords and heavy curtains. If it is planned to make an interior design in the style of a room-box, then small sizes can be emphasized by warm tones, various elegant things, penumbraes. You can make a modern interior that looks very attractive, or create an apartment in the oriental style. You can make the interior design of the room-box, filling it with antique furniture, then the gilded cords and forged candelabra will be very handy. But if the pictures on the walls are hung, then they should not be large. The optimal option for this are the pictures, the sizes of which are 30-40 cm, the frames should not be fanciful and very wide. Excellent decorate the room with small black and white photographs, and you can hang them in large quantities. If you want the room to be bright and spacious, then it can be visually expanded. At the same time, you need to choose the right furniture. There are several options: Figure 3. The wardrobe with a black glass will look cumbersome, which visually increases the dimensions of the living room.

  • Limitation of a small amount of furniture. Instead of a soft corner, a soft sofa and 2 armchairs are installed.
  • You can choose an elegant minimum, so that the walls behind the high furniture are not hidden. Fine desks, low bedside tables, shelving will be appropriate here.
  • Can be used for decoration glassfurniture that is suitable for visually increasing space, since it is capable of transmitting light and does not look bulky. The greenery of the plants among the glass also perfectly animates the interior design.
  • Interior design may involve a devicefireplace. It is best to choose built-in electric fireplaces, you can also use compact panels made in the style of high-tech. As for the classic and baroque models, they are not recommended for decoration, as they look cumbersome. If the interior is made of the kitchen of the living room, then it is necessary to take care not only of beauty, but also of functionality. For example, for the kitchen of the living room, the bar counter is ideal, which will serve to differentiate the space. To decorate the walls of the kitchen of the living room, pictures, with an "edible" theme: pictures of fruits and vegetables, are suitable. In the interior of the kitchen, it is better to stick to minimalism, so that the extra elements of the decor do not interfere with preparing food, laying on the table, etc. Back to contents</a> Interior design: useful recommendations The serving table is convenient because it can beroll out and fold, thereby occupying little space. The design of the small living room can be decorated in Japanese style. Then use low furniture. In this case, the furniture used should not be much. In the design of this room can be used multifunctional furniture (Fig. 1). In this regard, suitable folding sofas (Fig. 2). As for the design of the workplace, it is necessary to give preference to corner, compact tables with a maximum of shelves. Excellent decorate the interior of the living room coffee table in the form of a cube. Puffs-stools for guests are better to choose with reclining seats. If a wardrobe is planned in the room, it is better to use one in which there are glasses (Fig. 3), then it will not look bulky. You can use a coffee table-transformer. Exquisitely elegant elegant serving table. It is convenient that it can always be rolled out into the kitchen, quickly cleaned used dishes, then put fresh snacks on the table and roll it out again into the room. Thus, if the room does not differ in size, then there are no obstacles in order to decorate it in the most attractive way. Even if it is a room that combines the office. When you design such a room, do not use a large number of different items. This creates a clutter effect, which is not very attractive for a small area.