Small bathroom interior

Very small bathroom - the secrets of a complex interior


In order to transform your bathroom,possessing small dimensions, in the ideal room, it is necessary to consider each trifle. Color, the trash can, and even the paper holder are all important and require careful work. Take advantage of the experience of real professionals and create the perfect interior in every respect.

Sanitary engineering

The quality depends on the choice of plumbing.many aspects of the future image. You should not be limited only to classic models, because it accepts all options that fit most harmoniously into a space that is distinguished by small indicators. The color, size and shape of the products - all this does not matter, pay attention only to the possibility of rational use of the volume of the room, as well as to the combination with the existing style. Corner models are perfect, which are perfectly attached in the corner of the bathroom, while occupying a minimum of usable space. Products with special fasteners that allow you to attach them to the wall will look especially impressive. Saving volume can be up to 15 cm, which is very good for a miniature bathroom. With a combined bathroom, try a bathtub, which traditionally takes up a lot of space, replace it with a shower. Believe me, the result will surprise you with its effectiveness and the appearance of a cascade of positive emotions.

Hiding pipes and risers

The various elements of the sewer aremandatory component of the interior of any bathroom. To get rid of these elements, which spoil the visual perception of the existing image, try to sew them up with sandwich panels. This material has a small mass and is easy to attach with conventional screws. If necessary, you can always quickly disassemble this design, and with the same speed to return everything to its original place. The box, made of drywall or wood, is also excellent as a means of masking an existing riser. To make the formed image more harmonious, decorate this element to match the other components of the interior, for example, pasting it with tiles or special wallpapers. In order not only to preserve the aesthetic side of the interior, but also to make it more functional, use a cabinet as a mask for bathroom pipes, which you can make yourself as well as ordered from experts. In almost any case, you can use a metal profile, from which you can easily and quickly make a frame of the desired shape, on which you later attach tiles. Whichever option you choose, remember that easy access to communications in the event of an accident or to the counters for taking their readings is a point that must be present.

Expansion of space

Expand available space withsuch a reception as a combination of colors in the interior. Wall decoration in such cool colors as pearl, blue-gray, pale green, yellow and blue allows you to expand the boundaries of a small bathroom. The white color in the interior, along with the blue-green and beige-orange tint, is also great for this role. In addition to color design, pay attention to the finishing materials that you use in the design process. Remember that large elements, in the form of an ornament of the appropriate size or the tile itself, somewhat narrow the space, and also create a pressing feeling. A mosaic made up of small components is best suited for this purpose. Do not think that the use of such a method requires a long time and significant effort. Modern mosaic is a special plate containing the necessary texture and different decent size. Therefore, facing with just such material will pass quickly and easily. In addition, use a glossy ceiling and flooring. Do not get involved in dark tones. Of course, they also have the right to life, and sometimes they allow us to give an image an element of comfort and a certain warmth, but when it comes to expanding space, this technique is not entirely appropriate.


One light bulb for the whole bathroom is notgreat solution. You should not assume that since the room is not different in size, then you can save a lot on lighting. Quite the contrary, the more light sources you use, the more space will appear. Combine the various options, complement the spotlights, located around the perimeter of the ceiling, with various wall lamps and wall lamps.

Bathroom decoration

The easiest and fastest option to finish the bathroom -This, of course, staining, which is best suited for moisture-resistant and latex paints. Wood, ceramics, glass, artificial stone, metal, plastic and even moisture-resistant wallpaper - all this diversity is possible thanks to modern technology. The use of such materials can easily turn small interiors into a masterpiece of world design. Pay attention to the glass tile, in addition to decent visual characteristics, this material is able to provide the necessary expansion of the existing boundaries of the room. Holographic drawing is an excellent addition to any ceramic tile. The harmony of interaction is ensured by the same thickness of these elements and the diversity of their design, among which you can choose the most inconceivable combinations. For the bathroom, located in the Khrushchev, you should not use heavy materials, such as, for example, artificial stone. Such materials will create an additional load on the elements of the overlap, which is fraught with rather negative consequences. For these purposes, wood and various veneering materials made of plastic are perfect. Natural stone as a floor covering is also not a good solution. It is worth noting that the texture of such natural elements, however strange it may sound, is still quite fragile, and after getting wet the stones become very slippery. Artificial imitation of these items will allow you to realize your creative solutions, while ensuring a fairly high functionality of the created image.


Decor and interior for the bathroom is veryare important. It is worth paying attention to every detail, from the brush to the toilet paper holder and the trash can. Using a rug will add warmth and comfort to the interior. In order to save space, you can install a wall cabinet that will look great above the toilet bowl. In addition to saving usable space, this product will hide all the necessary things.


The process of selecting finishing materials should notlimited to the study of visual characteristics. Moisture resistance, corrosion resistance and ability to withstand active chemicals used in the production of cleaning products - here, additional points that need to be given sufficient attention. To achieve an excellent result, remember about the main pillars on which the ideal image rests - abundant lighting, bright colors, and no lumbering things.