Organization of space

How to equip a small bathroom: basic rules


How to make a bathroom, if it is not differentLarge sizes? It is important to make a comfortable and beautiful space, so as not to create a sense of darkness and tightness. With the help of color, light, texture and some interior items, you can adjust a small space. It is important to choose quality materials for its design and take into account all the details, even such as a garbage container, a holder for paper and towels, a brush.

Choosing a plumber

When furnishing the washroom, special attentiongive quality plumbing. It is not necessary, adhering to the classics, to buy a white faience toilet. Choose the shape and color depending on the general color scheme and style of the room. In order to save space, purchase corner pendant models that are easy to install close to the wall. They are attractive and compact, although they have the same cistern size as a traditional toilet. If space permits, install an additional corner sink. This option is also suitable for combined bathrooms, which makes it possible to save 10-15 cm. Our opinion If the bathroom is combined, to save space and create a visual effect of airiness, instead of a bath, we suggest you install a shower stall with transparent doors.

How to hide pipes and a riser in a small bathroom

The riser and sewer pipes are unchangedbathroom attributes, which often spoil the overall look. To hide them, cover the walls in this part of the room with sandwich panels. They are mounted on self-tapping screws, and if necessary, if you need access to shut-off valves and pipes, they can be easily disassembled. You will be able to disguise communications using a drywall or wood box. It will be ideal if you paste over the box with tiles or moisture-resistant wallpaper so that it fits well into the overall style. An appropriately sized cabinet can also solve the problem of open risers and pipes. Choose it according to the size you need or make it to order. Holes for pipes must be cut in the bottom and top of the cabinet. Our opinion Any communications can be made invisible with the help of tiles and a metal frame made of profiles. Regardless of how you mask communications, make sure that it is easy to get to them in the event of an accident or to take meter readings.

Expand the space

Correctly selected color combinationsvisually change the space. The walls in a small bathroom will visually expand thanks to the cool light colors (pearl, gray-blue and pale green, as well as white, yellow and blue). The room will look more spacious if you use a cold blue-green or beige-orange tint in the wall decoration. When decorating a small bathroom, pay attention to finishing materials. A large ornament visually reduces the space, while a small one increases it. Small mosaic tiles are ideal for a bathroom. Glossy surfaces on the ceiling and floor create a spacious feel. Our opinion Do not use dark colors on the walls of the toilet if you want it to appear larger visually. This does not mean that dark colors are not suitable for bathrooms. They even fit very well (the room becomes like a cute casket), but we are now talking about expanding the space.

Light in a small bathroom

Do not confine yourself to one bulb. Use spotlights along the perimeter of the ceiling. Organize the backlight of the lower corners, mirrors or shelves. Visually this will make the room more spacious.

Decoration Materials

The easiest and most proven method of finishing a bathroom- staining. For a durable, reliable and moisture resistant finish, choose latex or waterborne paints. Modern technologies allow using ceramics, artificial and natural stone, glass, metal, plastic, wood, plaster and even moisture-resistant wallpaper in the decoration of the bathroom. Glass tiles look attractive in a small bathroom. In addition to the fact that this material has excellent performance, it allows you to visually expand the space. Covering with a holographic pattern makes it possible to create incredibly effective compositions. It can be combined with conventional ceramic tiles: they match each other in thickness. Our opinion If your apartment with a bathroom is located in Khrushchev, do not use natural stone for wall decoration: this is a rather heavy material. Walls may not be able to withstand such a load. Use it as an accent in combination with wood. It is also not recommended to use natural stone in the flooring, as it is fragile and becomes slippery when wet. In this case, imitating it would be a good alternative.


In a small bathroom, everything is important, down to the smallest detail.Try to find compact, color-matched brushes, bins, and paper and towel holders. Transform the room, use a beautiful rug to make the bathroom cozy. Our opinion A small wall cabinet mounted above the toilet is a great solution to save space. And all the "extra" items can be hidden there.

On a note!

Purchase materials for a bathroom with an increasedmoisture resistance and resistance to aggressive cleaning agents. They must also have anti-corrosion properties. Be guided by the basic principles of creating a design for small spaces: choose the right lighting, use light shades in decoration and do not clutter up the space with unnecessary items.