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25 design hacks that will surprise you


An unconventional approach to the organization of residentialspace can make life much easier. Today we have a selection of fresh and very effective techniques that will improve the quality of your life.Most recently, we presented our readers with a mind-blowing selection of. However, we are not going to stop there and continue to look for new ideas for your home. For the most sophisticated design hackers, we have prepared a fresh selection of non-standard examples of organizing living space that were not included in the previous materials. Find out right now how to organize a stand for your baby in the bathroom without using a highchair, from which you can make an organizer for accessories, where it is better to store trousers so that they do not wrinkle, where to hang cups to save space, and also read other interesting and useful tips that will definitely make your life easier. Study and try to repeat at least one design hack, you should definitely like it.

1. The drawer-stand will help the kids reach for the toothbrushes

2. It is convenient to hang a rag onto a special handle

3. The board with the hole can be built into the box. Right above the trash can

4. No need to spend extra money. Organizer for accessories from the kitchen board

5. Picture frames are convenient for accessories

6. Retractable trouser systems

7. The ironing board can be hidden next to the cabinet

8. Kitchen cups are conveniently mounted at the bottom of cabinets

9. A sturdy stand can be assembled by the pipes themselves

10. Such a niche shelf will decorate any wall

11. Choose a shorter bath and leave room for a drawer

12. If there is no place for the hanger on the floor, you can hang it to the ceiling

13. Bowls for a dog can be hidden in an ordinary chest of drawers

14. Window to the floor in combination with a homemade bar counter - the perfect place for breakfast

15. Elegant boxes are great for hiding wires in them

16. Additional shelves for books and magazines can be located even behind the head of the bed

17. The podium is another closet

18. Folding table can play the role of decorative decoration

19. You can store supplies inside the countertop

20. When laying the floor, it is better to provide several niches for storage

21. Several sewn-on "stickies" will not let the towel slip off the handle of the plate

22. The back of the kitchen corner can also be used to store utensils

23. We paint the refrigerator with a spray with a chalkboard effect and enjoy the result

24. Behind a picture it is possible to hide everything, everything - even a door

25. A secret door can be hidden behind shelves