Organization of space

5 great ideas that will help make the balcony comfortable -


In any way you can not wean yourself from keeping everything you need on the balcony? Our ideas will help you do this in a more civilized way

Do your hands and consciousness reach out to the balcony as the main storage room in the house? Well, let's not stress your restless mind and give it what it craves. 1. What they sit on

Suppose, you decided to turnbalcony in a corner of rest and serenity. Here you are teasing, reading and thinking about the eternal. But where now to put winter things, - your rational self asks. In the bench, we reply! 2. That for which they sit

You do not have enough space? Then buy a table-cube with a storage system hidden under the table top. One movement - and gingerbread springs from out of nowhere along with a vase and rosettes for jam. 3. What Hangs Up

Maybe you do not have a quiet corner, but a whole home cabinet? Then we have nothing to teach you, you've probably already hung the shelves, punched the niches and purchased a hinged system with a folding table top. 4. What is worth

We are talking about decorations. The same pots for flowers should be put somewhere. Why not systematize them within a small shelving made from a construction pallet. 5. What they do not notice

But this option will be appreciated by sports. If you are a clean person and after each arrival carefully wash your chain horse from the dust of the roads, then the option with a spectacular suspension will have to taste all your home.