Concrete: brutal material in feminine interiors -


Do not like templates? Try to wash the walls and ceiling to bare concrete and decorate the room in such a way that it is feminine. Once you have it, you can consider yourself an interior designer. And we will help you to be inspired

Concrete opens up to us with a new one every seasonhand and gives inspiration not only to interior designers, but also to us, ordinary consumers, who are in constant search of ideas for the house / apartment of their dreams. Today we decided to consider the options for using concrete in the most comfortable for the beautiful half of humanity.

Where did we see the concrete here? Look at the ceiling and assess how organic it is in this interior. How well he interacts with sex, photos on the wall and even furniture. Subtle, clean, airy and very feminine.

The top of polished concrete, as it turned out, can look very cozy. The wooden table in this case would be an "overload".

The combination of rough rough surfaces with graceful objects and reflective surfaces creates a sense of depth and meaningful fullness of space.

The concrete floor in this case "facilitates" the space and creates a sensation of the now extremely popular intentional "imperfection".

We somehow see in this bathroom a tattooed hacker.

Time has shown that completely seemingly incongruous things look incredibly stylish together. For example, a concrete table and a crystal chandelier.

Concrete is a cold material, it can look amazing, but it is better to exploit it as a table or heated floor.

Do you dream of living in a medieval castle? There is nothing easier - a minimum of decoration, and dim lights will instantly turn you into Cinderella. However, not for long.

In this interior mixed several trends: concrete, copper, loft and Moroccan motifs.

This home cabinet answers the question of how to make a cold minimalist interior feminine - a soft puff, pink watercolor and a plant in a vase. Nothing more is required.

But here the whole thing is in laconic forms, the elegance of which against the background of concrete walls becomes only more obvious.

A feminine loft? Why not.

That rare case when the deep meaning of framing emptiness as the only truth of this world is simply part of the decor of the walls. Very interesting transfer of the situation in the world to the bathroom interior.