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How to equip the kitchen, if you have pets -

At first glance it seems that the kitchen - not the mostsuitable place for pets. Many glassware, water, fire, electricity, cooking process ... But together with your beloved pet work in the kitchen will be much nicer and happier, especially if all the conditions are created for them. About this and talk Animals in the house can not do without a person. Someone, for example a cat, is less dependent on people in order to give to eat and did not touch once again. The dog, on the contrary, is pleased to constant contact with the owner, and with it, the game is extremely important in understanding her. Mutual love, care and friendship lead to what you want with a dog almost all the time. Even in the kitchen. But we must understand that in this case the room should be adapted to the needs of our smaller brothers. Storage of food and bowls, convenience and, of course, safety. Natural curiosity will push the animals to such acts, which would not have made a year-old baby. Therefore, you need to immediately think about what should be the kitchen for people and animals. Let's start with the floor. It should be convenient and safe for animals, as they like not only to walk in the kitchen, but also to lie. Carpet or carpet can cling to the claws of the pet, besides this coating is much more difficult to clean. And on the floor, after a while you will notice traces of claws. The most correct choice will be tile or wooden flooring, especially hardwood. The best material for the countertop is a natural stone. Irina Zaitseva, designer: - If there are animals in the house, then the best solution for the kitchen will be ceramics or thick laminate. This will prevent the appearance of furniture from changing the encroachments of teeth and claws. The worktop should also be made of durable material, even if there are no animals in the house. Interior designers and furniture manufacturersDesigning a family room with pets is always trying to meet the needs of all. For example, by creating for them a comfortable bed directly or in the kitchen island, so popular in.

It can be placed in niches or in lower drawers anddevices for feeding. But it is necessary to equip them competently, so that it would be easy to wash bowls, pour in food, and also that animals would not be prevented from reaching for food. If here or in any other place in the kitchen there are wooden ledges, then there is no doubt that they will soon be gnawed.

If dogs prefer to always be in sight, thenCats love warm secluded corners and other hidden places. Hammocks between the legs, neat baskets and rugs near the battery are popular places of their rest in the kitchen. With a kind of restless rest, cats actually closely monitor the entire process of cooking.

The cat is by nature a researcher, so hewill be in wild delight, if the owner decides to add stairs, transitions, shelves and pipes to the interior. If only there was a place to climb. And the higher, the better! The main thing is that nothing important on such shelvesstood. Because pets without a twinge of conscience will climb into the wilds for the sake of something interesting or tasty. And, of course, we must not forget about safety - sockets, open fire on the way of animals should not be. Irina Zaitseva, designer: - I advise you to avoid open shelves, from which an animal or a bird can brush off vases, glasses or others. Also I do not recommend to build bowls of animals in kitchen boxes, as animals can not clean up behind themselves, and to owners it will create additional inconveniences. These devices for food should be placed separately from furniture, equipped with easily washable textures.

Do not forget about watermelons for your pets. You can think about this at the stage of buying and installing plumbing, making a separate tap, from which the animal will drink.

Fish - also pets! By integrating the aquarium into the kitchen space, you will make the room start playing with new faces and colors. A sense of inner peace and tranquility will control you during each meal.

As for birds - parrots, canaries and owls, theirThe cell is usually inscribed in the interior of the kitchen. The hostess will be pleased to cook for a cheerful chirp, and the bird in this most crowded room will not feel abandoned.

Based on the size of your pet, you need toto provide for each step. Small animals like to hide in secluded corners, so between the floor and the bottom of cabinets there must necessarily be slats that block access to this niche. and fire control systems, tight objects (and not on the edge) and household appliances, as well as tight loops will not let even the mouse penetrate where it should not.