How to expand the space in the apartment

6 ways to visually expand the space

Today on our portal of this example weConsider a problem that is in the Swiss city of Gothenburg. It is very beautiful and bright, its total area is 26 square meters. Such small sizes are typical for apartments in panel houses. In this regard, all the ideas that are presented in this article, it is possible to use in the arrangement and your home. Please note that most itemsfurniture, as well as interior elements decorated by designers in white. For example, 3-meter ceilings and walls. In addition, they chose, which can often be seen in apartments 40s. Its main drawback, no matter how strange it sounds, is the layout. Between the kitchen and the room according to the project there should not have been any walls or partitions that would at least somehow divide these two rooms. But nevertheless, the designers made a separation of these zones with the help of a different design for each room. At the same time left a lot in common. The main advantage of this apartment is hownor strange, pantry. Due to the presence of such a spacious room near the entrance door, the designers were able to successfully change its entire layout, transforming the storage room into the dressing room. This made it possible not to use a large closet without cluttering up the room. The main decoration with full confidence can be called a beautifully decorated balcony in bright colors, offering stunning views.

What are the main principles of arranging a small apartment?

  • Light colors will help to visually increase the space.
  • In small apartments is best to use. For such living rooms, designers choose, for example, a white table that can be easily folded, while freeing up some space.
  • In addition, to save space and increase space, you can convert the closet into the dressing room.
  • Glazed balcony can be used as a rest room. Place a table and a small chair here, plant a lot of flowerpots with flowers - all this will create a cozy atmosphere. As a result, you will get.
  • Very important in this situation is the choice of simple and small furniture.
  • To prevent the room from becoming a warehouse for storing things, you need to reduce their number, leaving only the most necessary.
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