How to choose blinds for windows in a living room?


The decision to refresh the interior of a room often leadsto the desire to buy new curtains. In this case, some owners choose their blinds. And this is not surprising, because this type of curtains has a lot of positive characteristics. But today there is such a variety of products, which invariably raises the question: how to choose blinds? Varieties of window blindsVarieties of window blinds. Experts recommend choosing a few factors to choose:

  • what task should the curtains solve?
  • on the window of what room they are purchased?
  • what resources are planned for them?

The goals of buying curtains and the tasks that are put before them

When choosing blinds for windows in a living room inFirst of all, everyone tries to close their lives from prying eyes. But meanwhile the design should be designed for easy regulation of the light flux, which changes during the day. Here you must select priorities. The scheme of the device of blinds. If the task of light regulation is more important, then it should be limited to vertical or horizontal blinds. If you want to completely hide the room from the looks of curious passers-by or residents of neighboring houses, the choice should be stopped on roll or pleated structures. In addition, it must be taken into account that the latter look very decorative and perfectly suitable for decorating the room. High decorative qualities are different and horizontal blinds with photoprinting, made of unusual materials or multifactured. Back to contents</a>

In which room will be installed curtains?

Depending on the purpose of the room, blinds onwindows can be different. As already noted, it is desirable to choose houses with pronounced decorative qualities in living quarters. Today, many types of blinds perfectly decorate the windows, fitting into many styles of interior design. An excellent solution here are roll, pleated, wooden or vertical structures with a beautiful and presentable fabric. When choosing curtains on plastic windows, you can also pay attention to horizontal blinds. Despite the fact that they have some rigor and are usually installed in office buildings, the interiors in the style of minimalism or high-tech design data will not spoil. For the kitchen is best suited plasticblinds, tk. they are easy to clean. In addition, vertical and horizontal blinds made of plastic, perfectly suited for the arrangement of the kitchen. And here the decisive importance is not only their aesthetic appearance, but also the ability to be easily cleaned. Plastic structures can be wiped with a damp cloth or removed from a window and washed with a shower. Such curtains are suitable for installation on a balcony or loggia, since they are not afraid of dust or moisture. When setting up a bedroom or a children's room, quality is such a high priority as light tightness. Everyone knows how pleasant it is to sleep in total darkness, when occasional lights and reflections of headlights do not enter the windows and do not disturb sleep. An excellent solution for the interior will be roll, vertical or horizontal blinds made of opaque fabric. Today, manufacturers offer customers curtains made from several types of such material. You can choose different colors and textures according to your taste and desire. When choosing curtains on windows in the living room or cabinet, the appearance of the structures should become a priority. Here the status should be combined with good functionality and full compliance with the general style of the room. Pleated or wooden blinds can successfully fit into the interior of a classic or modern style, giving the room a refined and original look. If the design is purchased in a room where a teenager lives, loves to read a lot, spend time at a computer or television, the choice can be limited to horizontal blinds. They not only look democratic, but also perfectly adjust the light ceiling, which is ideal for working at a computer or doing homework. Back to contents</a>

The choice of structures depending on the cost

Fabric blinds are the cheapest, butThe rest of the characteristics they are not inferior to other types of curtains. First of all, the cost of blinds depends on the size of the window opening, which affects the size of the curtains. Naturally, the cost of curtains on a large tricuspid window will be slightly higher than for a single-wing window. Also important is the material and design features of curtains. So, the cheapest constructions are vertical and horizontal jalousie, made of plastic or simple fabrics. Cassette varieties of blinds installed on plastic windows will be a little more expensive. Here, the cost of design can be influenced by coloring. The most expensive and prestigious are pleated designs and curtains made of wood. They will have to pay a fairly large sum for them. At the same time, their importance in the interior is difficult to overestimate, so they are refined and beautiful. Back to contents</a>

Features of blinds of different types

After the main factors influencing the choice of curtains in the house are considered, it is necessary to talk about what kind of blinds are produced today by manufacturers and what are their features: </a> Color range of aluminum blinds.

  • The most popular and commonconsider vertical structures. They are the easiest to manufacture and are of low cost. They consist of an upper horizontal eaves anchored in the upper part of the window opening and vertical slats made of plastic or fabric. Slats can be moved apart on the sides of the curtains or collected in the central part. In addition, the lamellas can be rotated along their axis, giving access to the sun's rays or hiding them.
  • Horizontal blinds have the largesta variety of colors. They are often made of aluminum and can have a color solution imitating wood. In addition to aluminum curtains, there are wooden, bamboo or plastic. Unlike vertical, horizontal blinds are assembled upwards and can be fixed at any height.
  • Roll structures are made of a dense,resistant to sunlight fabric. It can also be jute or rape, impregnated with special compounds. When lifting, the fabric is wound onto a special pipe located at the top of the window.
  • Pleated blinds look like assembled inaccordion cloth. Depending on the design, they can have vertical guide cords and one or two eaves. They are fixed or assembled in the lower or upper part of the window. Very elegant look in the interior.
  • Wooden structures arehorizontal blinds made of bamboo or natural wood. To date, the most expensive of all manufactured structures. They have brass parts and exquisitely decorated cornices.
  • Cassette blinds are designed for hanging onplastic window. Usually they are vertical or horizontal. Installed in such a way as to closely abut the glass, while not limiting the space of the sill and access to the handles. They are controlled using a chain.
  • For interiors in Japanese or Oriental styleJapanese curtains are offered, still occasionally called panel blinds. They are usually made of wide strips of fabric, arranged vertically. They move along a wide ledge, which can be 3- or 4- layered. Fastened to the cornice with a Velcro and can be easily removed if necessary.
  • As can be seen from the information provided, todayconsumers are offered a large assortment of curtains, and everyone can choose blinds not only to their taste, but also to the interior's requests. Any of the presented designs can make the house more cozy and comfortable. </ ul>