The interior of a small kitchen

Design solutions to the problems of a small kitchen - photos of implemented projects

Small apartment - the area is small, and problemslot. Here it is necessary to work hard enough to accommodate a recreation area, a place for receiving guests, an office, and a kitchen on three square meters, and to do so in such a way that free space remains. By the way, about the latter - about the kitchens, we'll talk today. How to properly plan the space, how to create not only comfortable and functional, but also a beautiful, fashionable, stylish kitchen of your dreams? So, for you, dear readers, a selectionmost interesting. Using these ideas, you will be able to design and implement a unique interior, in which everything will be thought out to the smallest detail, and the local "chef" will not interfere in the performance of its difficult duties.

The first is the color

As they say, the taste and color of a friend is not,therefore, the color palette is a purely individual matter. However, do not neglect the advice of professionals, and they say that a small room is best filled with neutral white, beige, gray, sand, brown. Light colors visually expand the space. It’s boring — you say — you want something bright, unusual, inspiring ... And this question has an answer: small contrasting details look particularly advantageous against the background of the monochrome interior. For example, a bright blue vase, a lamp of rich green, or a multi-colored rug. With this kind of accessories, the overall style of the interior is easy to change with minimal loss of money and time.

Second - furniture

When designing a kitchen design, special attention should be givengive it to the filling, that is, furniture and household appliances. To it, as they say, there are special requirements - the maximum of functionality and practicality. It should not be massive, made of natural wood or lined with valuable wood veneer, otherwise it looks like “an elephant in a china shop”. The best furniture for a small-sized kitchen is tables and cabinets made of plastic, glass, with an abundance of metal decor. The more brilliant, chrome and mirror surfaces - the stronger the effect of "expansion" of space.

Third - the placement of furniture

It can be said that this process is the mostimportant and meaningful. It is necessary to think in advance and decide where the dishes will be stored, where - detergents, in which boxes should be banks with cereals and so on. It was in the old aristocratic estates were provided separate premises for dining, cooking, and the so-called economic unit. In modern panel houses, all of the above merged with the total area of ​​12 square meters at best. A large number of drawers,drawers, cells, open and closed racks, all sorts of niches and hidden "caches" - this is the perfect solution. The correct choice can be considered and the use of embedded household appliances. The more hidden behind the doors of cabinets - the more visually the space. The benefit of the market is a great variety of embedded devices. They can be mounted both in the kitchen furniture itself and in the walls. In addition, the mandatory technology for modernKitchens may differ in size: a small refrigerator, a hob for two rings, and so on. Small microwaves are recommended to be mounted on brackets above the working surface. And another secret - rails - chrometubes or strips with hooks and shelves. Thus, kitchen utensils are always at hand, and at the same time there is no overload, on the contrary, an air effect is created.