Garage arrangement

How to make a living room from an old garage - photo examples of implemented projects


Today we will see once again that fantasymodern designers have no boundaries. A residential garage is a new trend for those who want to expand the area of ​​their home. Some people tend not to throw out old unnecessary things, but to carry them into the box for cars, arguing that the time will come when they are in demand. But as a rule, of everything that has been removed until better times, only 10% is useful, and the rest is idle. By clearing the box of trash, you will get a chance to get a room that will delight you with its functionality. as the room has a concrete floor, high ceilings and a huge doorway. Here are some options,.

1. Home office

Redeveloping the office is a great idea forpeople who work and do business from home. An entrepreneur looks much more professional and serious if he has an office with a separate entrance from the street. Receiving a large number of visitors will not tire family members, and customers will not be distracted by unnecessary nuances. The interior and organization of an isolated home workspace will be tuned for new achievements and business activities.

2. Studio or showroom

Creation will allow you to display product samples onpublic review. Anyone passing by will want to stop by and learn more about the products on offer. The picture below shows a renovated garage, the owner of which was engaged in the manufacture of furniture.

3. Gym

The dream of many men and women is to have your own homesports section. If you have a big place for parking, then the fulfillment of desire is quite feasible. It is only necessary to paint the walls in your favorite color, set a couple of shelves for sports equipment (balls, weights, skipping rope, hoops, etc.). If you are going to radically adjust your figure, it would be nice to hang a board on which the goal and ways of achieving it are marked, such as exercises or recipes of vitamin cocktails. For hot seasons, you can install an air conditioner or a fan, but the wide gates already provide good air renewal and natural lighting. Cleaning in such a gym is quick and easy. Another plus of this transformation is the additional income in the form of private occupation or rental of premises.

4. Family room

Many, tired of the cluttered darkspaces, want to see a colorful bright family room. They buy beautiful furniture, unusual decor elements and fill the sea with positive emotions a new zone. As a rule, such a corner becomes the most favorite part of the house. Before you begin to do the reconstruction, think carefully about your idea, as it has pros and cons.


1. You have to decide where you put all your stuff. These are tools, bicycles, lawn mowers, buckets, etc. Do you have any economic block on the plot? Where will you leave your car? If there is an additional garage, it is good, and if not? As an idea, you can consider carport. 2. Due to the constant climate change, it will be necessary to lay out a tidy sum for heating and insulation.


one. After reconstruction, a new additional area appears, which can be used for different purposes. This is a dining room and a room for a new family member or for parents who need care. 2. Business opportunity. Today it is very difficult to realize yourself in the field of entrepreneurship. Office rent and advertising are expensive. And new changes will help save a considerable amount of money and invest it in your business.