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Discounts of Indian summer: 6 burning shares in the salons of elite furniture


Many furniture stores have decided to extend the summer,declaring August discounts valid through September. Hurry up to buy a sofa or chair of your dreams for half the price! There should always be good news! Even if autumn has already come, the weather starts to be capricious, the vacation is over, and the mood is increasingly in the "variable" mode, like a barometer in anticipation of bad weather. Regular discounts in furniture stores in the capital are great news! We bring to your attention an overview of seven promotions that are simply impossible not to take advantage of.

1. Villa di Parchetti

vparchetti.Common crawl en The chain of Salons Villa di Parchetti has announced discounts of up to 40% for floor coverings. Until September 30, a wide range of goods can be purchased much cheaper: massive, parquet and engineered boards, modular parquet. This fall you will be able to renovate all the floors in your house very profitably! It's high time to do it, isn't it?

2. Amazing Studio

amazing-studio.Common crawl en The studio for creating exclusive interiors Amazing Studio successfully implements the most complex projects. But any holiday of life should be available to the broadest financially circle of clients. It is for them - the final sale of a large assortment of goods, including furniture, interior items and decor. Discounts reach half the price! You can either save money or buy twice as many different items. And I want to buy dozens of such stylish things!

3. Curations Limited

curationslimited.Common crawl en The American furniture company Curations Limited has already reduced the price of the turquoise children's collection by 15% in August, and this action continues. Added to this are even more tangible discounts on luxurious fireplace armchairs in two upholstery, on a stylish sofa and armchair in pink velvet, and on a solid oak dining table for eight. You will pay exactly half the cost for any of these chic items if you rush to buy them soon! By the way, all the furniture is environmentally friendly, comfortable and, of course, very beautiful. And it is now available in a warehouse in Moscow.

4. Tanith

tanit-home.rutanit.Common crawl en The "Tanit" company has been holding a joint action with the Aster Cucine factory since August 1. It will last until September 15, so it makes sense to immediately decide whether you want to become the owner of a new kitchen from Aster Cucine with a 40% discount. Your positive decision before the end of the actionThe shares will be even more profitable, because the buyer is promised a dishwasher Smeg as a gift when ordering a kitchen for between 10 000 and 20 000 euros. If your order is from 20 000 euros, you will get a completely free dishwasher Kuppersbusch.

5. Terra del Sole

tedeso.Common crawl en Terra del Sole, the sunniest supplier of Italian ceramics, offered its customers until September 15 to purchase any item from the Domiziani collection with a 35% discount. However, with the beginning of autumn, it was decided to extend the promotion until September 30! The correct decision, let's face it! You need to have time to return from vacation, get into your usual daily rut, understand that you need to change something in the turnover of autumn days - and then go shopping in shops of sunny goods! Here you will find lava stone tables, ceramic dishes, natural stone mirrors and much more. The management of the company made such a friendly step as a token of gratitude to its customers for their love for Terra del Sole products. And one more gift from this company!Terra del Sole invites all its friends to the gastronomic festival "Taste of Moscow", which will be held from 12 to 14 September in Luzhniki, on the Prestige Alley. In addition to the most interesting program of the festival itself, the Terra del Sole company promises to display all the tables from its assortment that are in stock, as well as provide enviable discounts on all products during the festival: - 40% on tables and countertops Domiziani, Umbria; - 35% for ceramics Domiziani, Umbria; - 15% on ceramics by Ceramiche de Simone, Sicily; - 20% for ceramics Leoncini, Tuscany.

6. Alno

alno.rualnomoscow.Common crawl en All Alno salons did not stay away from the season of discounts, having said their word to lovers and connoisseurs of elite cuisines of German origin. Alno is the leader in the European furniture market, remaining for 85 years a recognized trendsetter in this segment of furniture production. Throughout September, Alno salons have a special offer for kitchens with glass facades - a 20% discount is guaranteed for everyone. Buy yourself some Alno and you get a high quality and luxurious kitchen kit for a very nice September price.