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30 beautiful gardens at the exhibition in Sydney: trends and novelties


What landscapes will become a squeak of fashion in the new season? Who is given the sympathy of the visitors of the largest in the Southern Hemisphere show of flowers, plants and garden structures? We collected the most interesting information about this grandiose show. The Australian exhibition of novelties in the sphere of landscape design was held from the 4th to the 7th of September in a landmark, you can even say the cult Centennial Park in Sydney. Even before its opening, more than a thousand people for 16 days built unusual structures and installations, planted plants. In total, 30 expositions were presented at the exhibition. The weather pleased the audience with warmth and sun, anddrizzling rain on one of the days not only did not spoil the mood of many participants and guests, but also organically blended into the natural atmosphere of the festival of plants and flowers. A crowd of visitors gathered for the opening in the early morning, and for four days the crowd did not diminish. And there was so much to see! This time, the most striking trends were several ideas embodied according to the principle of scale - from grandiose, almost industrial options to intimate, in some ways even intimate corners of almost individual use. We will also admire them.

1. Art Gardens

This conditional name uniteslarge-scale, custom-built gardens designed by heavyweights of landscape design: Don Burke and his team, as well as the Royal Botanic Gardens, the Landscape Association of NSW & ACT (LNA), the Nursing and Garden Industry NSW & ACT (NGINA ) and others. Watching their compositions, you could see the magical and magical transformation of the awakening corner of nature from the symbolic promising pupa-idea into a magnificent butterfly-landscape.

2. Gardens-Inspiration

The name speaks for itself.These are the gardens of tomorrow, which many experts already predict a reputation for the most enchanting landscape design ideas, if not in the world, then in the Southern Hemisphere for sure. Inspired by leading Australian and international gardeners and landscape innovators, these gardens showcase impressive examples of native and exotic plants as well as new ideas and the latest trends in garden design and architecture. Peta Donaldson and her Pavilion won silver in the Garden Inspiration category. Christopher Owen (Christopher Owen) and his creation also became silver nominees in this category.

3. Garden City

Perhaps soon more and more people will want, notleaving big cities, surround yourself with such natural oases. You can get ideas for future blooming and greening sites right now. The exhibition brought to life ideas for small compositions that can be placed on terraces next to the house. This project, presented by the Debco company, which employs young but already experienced professionals, received a medal as the best garden city. It reflects the latest innovations and new trends in this direction. Andrew Davies and John Harrison confidently took gold for their city gardens.

4. Garden on the balcony

Use vertical building space ora tiny back yard for gardening is an old dream of Indira Naidoo. It does so-called smart innovative gardens, the size of which does not exceed, as a rule, 10 square meters. The shape of the garden does not matter - it repeats the shape of the free part of the balcony or a piece of land behind the house. A little fantasy - and you don't have to refusefrom the dream of having your own garden, even if it is very small. Kate Grace, Kim Earl, Adam Robinson and Rupert Baywill have collected gold in this category. Courtney Taylor of Terraneo landscape design won a silver for her project. Rare plants also participated in the exhibition, simply decorating themselves with the landscape. "The Garden of the Future" was developed by Jim Fogarty (JimFogarty) with the advice of Don Burke. But the greatest triumph was for the garden designer Miles Baldwin (Myles Baldwin), who won the main award of Garden Show Sydney for the stunning garden of Open Woodland. Describe this garden does not make sense - it just wants to live. Many came to the exhibition with their families, alllovers of gardening could get here any advice, chat with the same connoisseurs of nature. Four days became a real holiday for everyone who was involved in one way or another.