Organization of space

Comfortable cuisine: design rules from TV presenter Elena Usanova

"The kitchen is the heart of the house," says the well-knownrestaurant critic Yelena Usanova. How to create an interior so that it was not only designer interesting, but also convenient for cooking, Elena told us, and we - you in this article Kitchen - the most difficult in terms of repair space in the house. Here you need to take into account both competent zoning, and ergonomics, and proper connection of communications, and the necessary amount of home appliances, and comfortable kitchen furniture, and, of course, bring designer exclusivity. The well-known restaurant critic and TV presenter Elena Usanova spends a lot of time in the kitchen, devising dishes and studying the cuisine of different countries, so she knows everything about how comfortable and inspiring the culinary masterpieces the kitchen is! Elena Usanova shares her observations with us today. Elena Usanova, TV presenter Elena Usanova is a famous restaurant critic, TV host and producer, editor-in-chief of the Handmadefood website and TV presenter, "Made with taste" on TNT.


The most important thing is where to begin the arrangementkitchen space - this is an ergonomic arrangement of household appliances and work surfaces. Of course, much depends on the size of the kitchen, but even in small areas you can do functional zoning. Here, the rule of a triangle-the refrigerator, the cooker and the cooking surface-should be located at the arm's length. Therefore, in narrow kitchens it is recommended to make linear or angular layouts, and in spacious kitchens it is recommended to create an additional surface with the help of the kitchen island.

Kitchen furniture

Choosing a kitchen set is one of the most importantquestions in the arrangement of the kitchen. It is important to think over all the places for storing your utensils. So, for example, the width of the bottom boxes should not exceed 90 cm, so as not to load them. If the area of ​​the kitchen allows you to take everything, even the smallest space, be sure to use box-columns: high bottles and other small items will be placed here. The upper level can be both open and closed - it depends on the amount of dishes in your house. If you are short, it is more convenient to make boxes with a lifting mechanism. Material facades can be varied - depending on the design you choose. It is important to remember: glossy facades are easier to clean, and the kitchen of natural wood is environmentally friendly and more durable.

Kitchen "gadgets"

Be sure to take note of the variouskitchen accessories that simplify the storage process: delimiters, mesh draw-out baskets, stationary holders or containers attached to the walls of cabinets and doors. Today, there are many trifles that make life much easier for the owner!


In the kitchen you need to provide several scenarioslighting, independent of each other, so that you can comfortably cook, eat and rest. Be sure to light the work surface. This can be an LED strip or built-in light sources. It is also important to place light above the food intake area - ordinary chandeliers or pendant lamps are suitable. And for fans who want to relax in the kitchen with a magazine or a book, you can install sconces or lampshades.

Design techniques

In what style to decorate the kitchen - it's exclusivelyyour preferences. For couples, a cozy kitchen in soft colors in a classic or eclectic style is suitable. For young businessmen - high-tech or loft, for lovers of country life - country or provence. To make the kitchen more creative will help modern finishing materials - magnetic and slate boards, stencils and frescoes, wallpaper or graffiti on the walls. The main thing is to remember that the kitchen is the heart of the house, and it should be cozy, clean, comfortable and inspiring! Successful repair!