Organization of space

Female design: interiors for different types of personality


To understand in what interior the woman will be comfortable, to begin with it is necessary to understand what type this woman belongs to. In this difficult case, an experienced interior designer will help us

The theme of masculine and feminine in the interior is multifacetedand therefore inexhaustible. However, it is always useful to define boundaries for general, even conditional, orientation. We invited the famous interior designer Varvara Zelenetskaya to deal with the “women's issue”. Varvara Zelenetskaya, interior designer Graduated specialist in interior and furniture design, specialist in art management (graduated from the Humanities and Applied Institute and the Institute of Contemporary Art), interned in Florence at the Lorenzo di Medeci Design Institute. Since 2002, he has been a co-owner of the Dekointeriors studio in the Central House of Architects. In 2005 she opened a studio, works with interiors, ranging from an architectural project to individual items that are developed and created according to the sketches of the studio's designers in her own workshop.

- For a start, women who come for interiors should be divided into types. I can distinguish three main ones. Businesswoman

Even if this woman brings up children, her areainterests, most likely, will be centered around the living room. Here she will receive guests and present herself. This room she will try to turn into a kind of salon for important meetings. Sometimes such a living room is combined with a kitchen.

However, in my life I met and quitea different attitude to the kitchen space. For example, one of my acquaintances, a very busy woman, organized a kitchen in a tiny dark room, because she worked there mostly cook. In this approach there is nothing exotic - this is a completely classical scheme for pre-revolutionary apartments.

The next most important area for a business woman- comfortable bathroom. Quite often, the intensity of the passions of everyday work for such a clientele is so great that it can only be washed in a shower with the help of a tropical shower, and this, incidentally, is a typical male scenario.

Further in the list of priorities of business womenthe bedroom appears. Here the landlady is restored and again needs maximum comfort. In such bedrooms, we are often asked to equip a reading corner, carefully work out the area around the bed and make several lighting scenarios. Of course, the business woman does not ignore the children's rooms. Here, her view is most often aimed at the level of comfort of working and sleeping areas. Mothers and Housewives

Women who devote themselves to the family andhousekeeping, unlike business ladies look at the interior in a completely different way. In the houses of such women, as a rule, huge kitchens are equipped, it is easier to follow the children, indulging in culinary creativity. To the equipment of kitchen at mistresses also enough serious requirements, beginning from qualitative technics and finishing convenient and scale systems of storage.

Of course, mothers and housewives pay great attention to the equipment of children. There is always very strictly thought out the area of ​​lighting, development and sports corners.

To the problem of arranging bedrooms of a woman,focused on the house and family, fit economically. This applies both to the issue of choosing a square, and directly to the design. In the bedroom they come to sleep, because they need only a "sleeping place". In the field of priorities of mom-housewives, also, oddly enough, there is an office for her husband. Held Ladies

In this case, I mean mature women,have achieved a lot in their lives, to acquire a large family record and finally got the opportunity to live for themselves. In the interiors of such women there is almost always a kind of cabinet-boudoir. This space can serve as a room for rest and self-care, and a full-fledged cabinet for work or a hobby. Here it is often asked to put a massage chair. I respect this type of women very much - having reached a mature and sometimes respectable age, they continue to follow themselves, which, in my opinion, is very important for a woman at any age.