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Loft design: the best interiors from Russian designers


Think about how best to decorate the interior in styleloft? Are you looking for a design project for the ideal loft apartments? We offer to consider together 3 ready-made solutions. How does an ideal loft look like? The jury of the open competition for the development of design projects for the premises of the art-quarter "City Crystal" has three answers to this question at once. We learned what the best Russian loft apartments are and are ready to share with you three amazing design projects.

City of Crystal

In 2012-2013, the production of the Kristall plantwas completely transferred to the Moscow region. It was decided to transform the area of ​​9.3 hectares, which he occupied, into a unique art quarter, creating in Moscow on the banks of the Yauza a space for full-fledged life and development. Craft and design workshops will open here, sports zones and a theater will appear, educational projects will be launched, and residents of the quarter will be able to receive a wide range of social services. In addition, the former factory building will house functional and modern loft apartments. Loft (from the English loft - "attic") - a style that came to us from America in the 50s. It was then that it became fashionable to live in industrial buildings with high ceilings, large windows and elements of the industrial past. Today, the loft style is at the peak of its popularity. And it is perfectly suited to give the building of the former Kristall plant a new life. The developers also thought so, announcing an open competition for the creation of the best lofts for the "City of Crystal". A qualified jury selected the winners in threeNominations: the best concept of loft in the nomination "From the patio" was offered by the Bureau "AI Studio"; The author of the most successful loft design project in the nomination "Compact" was the Archpoint bureau; The leader of the loft solutions in the "Mansard" category also turned out to be Bureau "AI Studio".

Loft "From Patio"

About the room.Two-level space, the area of ​​the first level is 89 sq. m, the area of ​​the second level is 80 sq. m. In addition, there is a small patio. The height of the floor of the first level is 3.5 m, of the second level - 4.3 m. About the design project. According to the jury of the competition, the space of this loft takes into account the historical value of the building. It is bright, clean, while the problem of lack of natural light in the rooms of the basement is quite skillfully solved. In addition, the brickwork of the walls is preserved. Our opinion: - This design project from the bureau "AI Studio" fully reflects the mood and conveys the aesthetics of the loft style. At the same time, the space turned out to be not only stylish, but also functional: there is a dining area, a living room, a large bed, and a lot of storage space - while the space remains free, not overloaded.

Loft "Compact"

About the room. Area - 57 sq. m.Floor height - 3.3 m. About the design project. The jury of the competition deservedly appreciated the original layout solution: on the one hand, several functional areas were clearly identified, on the other, the openness inherent in lofts was preserved. A lot of wood was used in the decoration, the brickwork was partly preserved. The interior is built on the principle of "space overflow": the zones smoothly merge into one another, creating a sense of the integrity of the interior. Our opinion: - For a real loft, 57 square meters is not enough, but the specialists of the Archpoint bureau managed to accomplish the almost impossible, creating a stylish, compact and balanced project. The emphasis in the design of the space is made on simplicity and comfort. This is a design project for life, there is a kind of creative disorder in it, the interior turned out to be filled with mood and emotions.

Loft "Mansard"

About the room. Area - 62 sq.m, as well as a loggia of 13 sq. m. The height of the floor ranges from 5.63 m to 8 m. About the design project. The jury noted this project not only for thoughtfulness and completeness, but also for an original approach to design. The specialists of the AI ​​Studio bureau left a significant part of the space free and placed the main functional areas on three levels, connected by a spiral staircase. Our opinion: - Quite a bold and creative project, surprising with many non-standard solutions. About half of the space is reserved for relaxation and reception (sofas, audio system, fireplace, bar). The rest of the functional rooms are located on several levels, while on the upper, instead of a typical bathroom, a real spa area is equipped.

What's next…

Authors of the best design projects will receive casha prize of 150 thousand rubles, as well as the right to implement the proposed solutions. Yakov Litvinov, CEO of "Kryce Development": - The selected concepts demonstrate the optimal combination of functionality and aesthetics, being the best options for the design concept of pilot loft spaces on the territory of "City of Crystal". It is important that the budget for the implementation of each of the winning design projects should be within the $ 3,000-4,000 per square meter. Relevant contracts will be signed with the winners of the competition.,