House and Cottage

Cottage that is almost invisible

Is it possible to turn a forest house into a stylish houseHow to make a minimalist interior cozy? In order to find out the answers to these questions, let's go to Canada, where the "cottage by the lake" lives in the middle of the forest. A small cottage called Lake Cottage is located in the depths of the forest, among the slender birches and lush fir trees in the Canadian province of Ontario. Immediately it may seem that this cottage is here one-odnoshenek, isolated from the whole world, but in fact it was created as an extension to the previous residence.

Part of the surrounding nature

Lake Cottage was developed by a Canadianarchitectural firm UUfie, and the most interesting thing is that it is a kind of rethinking of life in a tree house, where nature is an integral part of it. Playing with reflections, depth and transparency, the designers did their best to bring their idea to life. The first thing that attracts attention in the appearance of the cottage is, of course, the mirrored facade, thanks to which the forest is reflected and the impression is created that the house merges with the surrounding space. Real magic. Even the front door is completely covered with mirrored panels and does not stand out from the overall picture. This technique is quite often used by architects when it is necessary to "dissolve" a house in the surrounding nature. Moreover, it can be not only a forest, but also any other area - we once showed readers. A small house can boast a seven-metergabled roof, it all the way stretches up along with the trees that surround it. It is covered with sheets of black glossy steel and looks incredibly contrasting and spectacular against the background of a snow-covered forest. The whole cottage outside is sheathed with charred cedar, and paired with a dark roof turned out an excellent imitation of tree trunks.


Can't wait to look inside and seewhat does the interior of this forest house look like? Indeed, it's time to get acquainted with the interior space! To begin with, it should be noted that this extension is 65 square meters and looks extremely minimalist. The dining terrace is the link between the main residential structure and this annex. Also on the ground floor there is a recreation area, where the central place is given to a fireplace with niches for firewood. In addition to a wide chair, a fur blanket and a stand in the form, there is nothing else here.

Pastel melancholy

But despite such minimalism, the spacelooks very cozy and home-like. Firstly, this is the merit of natural cedar in a soft pink shade, which is used to decorate all walls, floor and ceiling. Such a pleasant pastel color is very relaxing, creating a relaxed atmosphere. Another important point is the 14 holes around the entire perimeter of the house, through which natural light penetrates and fills the space with air. In addition to their main function, these windows provide an opportunity to observe the surrounding trees and again feel a part of all this beauty, as the designers intended.

Cozy attic

The most interesting part of this annex ison the second floor, where there is a staircase made of a cedar trunk with marble steps. There is very little space here, but on the other hand, you can always retire in the company of your favorite book and for a while forget about all the problems and hardships of life. The attic floor looks very unusual in its shape, because the roof and the wall are sloped in one direction. The space is enlivened by wooden tiles of a barely perceptible blue color.