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Wooden frame houses: the advantages of technology


How to combine comfort, quality,efficiency and speed of construction - in our article. Today we will consider all the advantages of the most fast-built houses - frame. Frame construction technology, dividing functions between different elements and materials, combined the advantages of each of them. Now we can say that the technology has stood the test of time, but at the same time it continues to develop continuously. On the basis of particularly successful solutions, whole "currents" were formed in the construction of frame buildings. All the variety of proposals on the frame construction market can be conditionally divided into two types: the classic version (or frame-frame construction) and the panel construction (frame-panel). In the first case, all the elements of the house are mounted directly on the construction site: the frame itself is assembled from a bar or thick board, it is sheathed from the outside with a sheet of waterproof material (usually OSB-3), then, already indoors, the walls and ceilings are filled with insulation, covered from the inside with a layer of vapor barrier and finished for finishing, the finishing touch is the installation of doors and windows. Our opinion: - Construction of the frame according to the classical method gives the greatest freedom of architectural solutions, and for independent construction, this method is predominant. However, the labor intensity and time consumption increase significantly, and the frame itself is not protected from atmospheric precipitation for some time. Another variant of a frame house is not so much a frame in its pure form as ready-made panels of walls, floors and ceilings, made according to the general principle of “frame-insulation-sheathing”, as well as frameless glued SIP panels. Therefore, the name will necessarily contain the word "panel" or "panel". Our opinion: - Despite the common primary source, the process of assembling such a house on a construction site differs significantly from the classic frame, resembling a designer, however, you need to remember that the simpler (faster, cheaper) the final assembly, the more difficult (longer, more expensive) the process of prefabrication of elements , as well as the above unification of architectural solutions. One of the main criteria when choosing is the cost - not only of the construction itself, but also of the subsequent operation. And low cost is often a decisive argument in favor of frame construction. This parameter is influenced by four main features of the frame technology, and we will tell you in more detail how this manifests itself.

1. Production of elements in the factory

This provides a home kit on the site and howas a result, labor and time savings (the period for assembling a frame-panel construction house is usually 3-5 days). Also, in the factory, the elements are protected from precipitation, they arrive at the site packed and marked, and the absence of "wet" processes allows construction to be carried out even in winter. In addition, the assembly of elements does not require a special tool, since the joints are prepared in advance in production.

2. Lightweight construction

The frame house has the smallest weight of onesquare meter of the building compared with other construction technologies. As a consequence of this - the possibility of construction on weak, silty soils, with a high level of groundwater. The foundation is usually made lightweight and economical, and the absence of shrinkage allows you to start the finish and the device of communications almost immediately. At the same time, all communications can be pre-arranged and built into walls and ceilings already in production.

3. Assembling a house without special equipment

Of course, there is a direct dependence on the sizeelements: to the greatest extent it is possible for a traditional frame, frame-frame technology, in the smallest - for a shield, when assembling from solid wall panels. However, in most cases, special equipment is only used for foundation construction.

4. Excellent thermal insulation

Effective thermal insulation significantly reduces costsfor heating, and the heating of a cold building takes only a few hours. In addition, the stability of the design in the event of temperature changes allows the house to be left unheated, which also reduces operating costs. It should be noted that the advantage of any home,made using frame technology, is the flexibility of design, a variety of planning solutions and options for finishing facades. This allows not only to give a house even on the basis of a standard design, but also makes it possible to change, rebuild buildings, dismantle, and even make the building relatively mobile due to its low weight and ease of assembly and disassembly. And the spatial rigidity of the structure ensures not only safe transportation, but also seismic resistance of such buildings. But still it is necessary to remember at least two features of frame houses, without taking into account which all indicators fall sharply - living comfort, durability, efficiency ... The main thing that should be taken into account when choosing frame technology is increased requirements for the quality of both materials and work, and here you need control and more control. Therefore, when planning to build such a house on your own, you need to delve deeply into the technology, confidently know all the requirements and norms, and carefully select materials. The second mandatory point is the need for a competent ventilation device, since the frame house is a kind of "thermos". Ventilation can be either forced, mechanical or natural, but for a comfortable stay, this issue must be taken into account even at the design stage.,,,,