Garden and plot

The house territory of a private house: a gazebo, a sauna, a barbecue


How to turn house buildings into a heartWe love to talk about building houses, renovating apartments and arranging gardens, but we rarely manage to talk about projects of adjacent territories with baths, summer kitchens and gazebos. Today's material is a welcome exception. The author of this project, Anna Markovina, told us about all the stages of creating a suburban recreation area, which one can only dream of. Anna Markovina, architect-designer

Graduated from the Novosibirsk StateArchitectural and Art Academy), specializing in "Architecture Bachelor". Has received a prize of spectator sympathies for registration of inhabited space in competition "Mr. decorator".

Creative credo: I embody the dream of a real home!

- The primary task in the work on this project was the need to carry out the reconstruction of the existing recreation area of ​​a country house.

The bath was subjected to the greatest changes. The area of ​​the old bath was 12.9 square meters. m and had only two offices: the locker room and the steam room with a wood stove. Customers like the bath very much. They wanted to have a comfortable relaxation room and a spa area. All this was realized thanks to the fact that a new part was attached to the existing pine log-house. She also accommodated all the necessary premises.

Pavilions remained in the old place and with the original functions. The one in which the barbecue was located was in an emergency condition. It was rebuilt. The rest were restored.

The choice of colors for the exterior wasinspired by a mix of ceramic tiles. The hue of turquoise is so airy and perfectly combined with the color of the pool. On a sunny day, it seems that the water is reflected in the cornices and the ceiling of the terrace of the bath. And there was no way to do without chocolate impregnation for wood. All surfaces of the beam turned out to be multi-colored. I wanted to bring them to a common denominator.

Inside, I wanted to achieve a soft color, so the choice fell on the shades of beige. Also, the idea of ​​letting the exterior color inward seemed interesting. Only in a more noble way.

Since one of the customers' wishes was a tight implementation time, only some elements were supposed to be made to order.

The main and most ambitious of them is a mosaic inhammam. In early summer, I saw on the Internet a photo of the process of assembling a mosaic panel with flowers. It was a shot at the bull's-eye and our main vector, which the customer gladly supported. Hundreds of pictures on your favorite bird theme, sketch, rearrangement of different elements in the desired composition in the shape of the wall, matching and matching the color of the mosaic elements - all this work was done before the panel saw the light. The background mosaic and border were made up of elements used in the panel.

Another individual element turned out to bedoors. Since it is a damp room without regular residents, I wanted to provide, in addition to aesthetic functions, improved convection. In the production, the doors were made according to my sketch, with a lattice underneath. The color scheme combined the basic coloristic solutions of the rooms. The doors in the old bath painted the tone of the walls and decorated with new platbands. And favorite reception: platbands and skirting boards are solved in one color scale.

In the recreation room, the baths wanted to dilute the activerhythm strips on the walls, so as a upholstery for furniture chosen monophonic version with a capiton and a vertical strip. The rest of the textiles - with a large accent pattern (Lee Jofa), a large-scale room in general. The wall, which at first seemed too dark, favorably emphasized the milky shades of furniture and decor. And on the neutral oil background of the rest of the walls the furniture of turquoise color looks particularly advantageous. Since here no one lives permanently, preference in furniture has been given to compactness and decorativeness. The customer until the last did not believe that the room will accommodate two couches and an armchair. By the way, she took the most active part in choosing and searching furniture and decor. All the furniture was bought in the online stores Westwing and Furnish.

Separately, I must say about the decor in general andlamps in this room. The customer passionately loves vintage. Therefore, the room is illuminated by a retro and a vintage sconce. To them in the company were picked up modern suspension Reccagni Angelo. The very same decor - from the collection of the hostess. It is planned that the collection of decorative plates can grow: not all the months of the year are still collected.

Spa area includes changing room, hammam, showerand a toilet room. The decoration is made in the same color key with the rest of the interior. This includes the oil-colored walls, the Amazon Green marble Gani porcelain stoneware, the non-slip porcelain stoneware floors, and the final decorative touch from the Gaudi ceramic mosaic. The retro image simply needed to be supplemented with plumbing fixtures of the appropriate style. This is how the Harmitage Artceram toilet and the brass finishes Migliore and Emmevi were born. All this is complemented by vintage accessories and custom-made elements. With such a compact space, it was easier to manufacture shelves and a cabinet for the steam generator exactly to size and also to order. The customer also really wanted to see a mirror with ceramic inserts she already had. It was made according to my sketch for the entire width of the wall.

The entrance area of ​​the bathhouse is equipped with items,bought at Westwing. Some of them were too bright in color. It was necessary to remake them from the master of decoupage. New cases for benches sewed along with the main textiles. Some shelves moved from the old interior, they were only repainted.

For painting the surfaces, paints and impregnations were applied on Tikkurila wood.

For the flooring is used porcelain stonewarePorcelanosa, ceramic tiles Vives and mosaic made of natural unpolished marble. Entrance zone in general decided to remake at the last minute: there was a wooden flooring. Now here is a mix of the remnants of tiles, mosaics and porcelain stoneware. The wooden floor remained only in the therma, which is preserved in the original form.

The arbor with glazing passes under our codethe name "Bird house". And all because the customer was attracted by birds on the ceramic tile Kerama Marazzi. They then appeared on the panel and on the frieze. They were complemented by the marble mosaic Boticcino - the best, wear-resistant and beautiful material for the design of such a complex surface of the wall.

This gazebo was used to be a summer kitchen. Kitchen set we got from the old owners. We only supplemented it with a large custom-made shelf. Still there were many small shelves with decoupage finish. And of course, there could not help but appear the Smeg fridge.

In the dining room area, the furniture from the "Interior Shop" is located.

But the main subject of the interior is the windows. In the morning there is a fabulous light. On the floor and the table drop openwork shadows from the window grilles. The most wonderful atmosphere for breakfast. This feeling is further enhanced by vintage dishes from the hostess's collection. There are real masterpieces of the late XIX century.

The arbor with a barbecue lined up almost from scratch. The old oven burned out, the roof sank, the columns rotted at the base.

The master built a new furnace. Here you can fry a barbecue and there is a separate place for cooking pilaf. There are also places on the table for preparing food and washing.

The bar is on order and the bar stools from IKEA are repainted with it.

All surfaces are faced with a mix of ceramic tiles and marble mosaic. And the exterior is decorated with a panel of broken tiles and pieces of mosaic inspired by the ideas of Gaudi.

The gazebo with the table has undergone the slightest changes. They only performed the tinting of the tree.

The main place is occupied by a large table, made to order, with a rotating platform in the center.

Both gazebos are decorated with chandeliers with plafonds-bulbs made of gray-blue glass.

This project is one of the steps in the staircase withmy favorite customers. We have known each other for a long time and trust each other. It's important when everyone is confident in the result and your ideas find more support than skepticism.

The main difficulty in the work was a short time,so much was solved quickly, on the spot and was executed immediately "from the sheet". Literally, last night, skirting boards were fixed here, and this morning a chair and lockers are put in a freshly washed corner, and a picture is hung on the wall. But this is a certain interest and drive.