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How to prepare windows for winter: advice and opinions of the pros -

"The weather is most important in the house ...". We at the editorial office of are sure that Larisa Dolina sang exactly about preparing the windows for the winter. After all, if this is not taken care of, winter can come not only on the street, but also in your apartment. So, the winter is already close, but are you still afraid of the visit of mosquitoes and other insects? No? Then why are your mosquito nets still on your windows? Today we will tell you how to properly prepare windows in your house for the winter. Mine, clean First, take a good softsponge and go to the window. Evaluate the front of the work, take a deep breath and proceed with thorough washing. It's better if you use gentle cleansers, so as not to damage the glass. Our opinion:

  • the ideal weather for washing windows is cloudy and warm. On a sunny day on the glass can remain a divorce. And if the window is "minus", then the glass becomes fragile;
  • You can use a normal soap solution, making it with your dishwashing detergent;
  • do not forget to pay attention to the windowsill, sashes and window profile (for cleaning hard-to-reach places you can use any suitable improvised items - toothpicks, matches, etc .;
  • if you suffer from aerophobia, industrial climbers will help you (but for this you need to get permission to enter the roof).
  • Oh, yes, take off the mosquito net!

Check the tightness of the closure Take the sheetpaper, place it between the window sashes and close the window frame. If the sheet is removed with difficulty - everything is fine, and if the paper freely passes between the doors, then you will have to move the windows to the "wintering" mode yourself. To do this, take the hexagonal wrench and tighten the cylindrical element located on a special plate on the window frame. Tighten until you achieve the desired tightness of the frame. Our opinion:

  • after self-adjustment, check whether all parts of the window system are working correctly (in general, the adjustment of windows is best done in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions);
  • Do you like to open windows often? Then you should check if the handle is loose. To bring it to the proper state, do the following: put the handle parallel to the window sill; Turn the handle trim (it is right at the base of the handle itself) by 90 degrees; tighten the screws that are under the cover of the cross (in most cases) screwdriver.

Lubricate To save your house from drafts,It is necessary to lubricate the parts of the window hardware and the elastic band-seal. As a rule, technical petrolatum is well suited for lubrication (however, silicone sealants can also be used). Our opinion:

  • Gum wipe well with a sponge and handle with a special pencil;
  • so that condensation does not prevent you from enjoying the snow outside the window, clean the drain holes well (you can do it even with a vacuum cleaner).

And what about the preparation of windows for winter thinkour experts, read below. Ekaterina Avsatova, Eurostyle Service: - With the onset of the autumn-winter season, we recommend all our customers to check the condition of the plastic windows. For this, it is not at all necessary to call a specialist from the company home. It will not be very difficult to independently turn the hardware into a "winter mode", replace the sealing rubber (the price of a running meter of sealing rubber - from 20 rubles) or lubricate the installed hardware. Worse, if you forgot where and when you ordered your windows. In this case, you hardly remember which profile your window designs are made from to change the necessary constituent elements. Tatyana Serova, "Windows in the house": - Winter is a cold and windy season, so preparing windows for winter is an important and responsible event that will extend the life of the fittings. However, do not think that this process is very complicated and will require any excessive effort. For the right seasonal care of windows, the specialists of the company "Windows in the house" recommend you:

  • remove dirt on the surface of the window. The plastic profile can be washed with the most common soap solution, removing the mud coating with rags or microfiber;
  • be sure to pay attention to seals. Over time, due to the aggressive influence of the environment, their structure is broken, which threatens the loss of elasticity. Before winter comes, we recommend rinsing the seals with a soap solution and treating them with silicone grease;
  • take care of the window hardware. This is not at all difficult: lubricate the loop groups, locks and tilt-and-tilt mechanisms with engine oil (it can be bought at any hardware store). advises: prepare windows in the summer, and a loggia in the winter.