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How to prepare a pond or a decorative pond for winter -


In anticipation of the cold weather, Roomble tells itsreaders how to prepare decorative reservoirs for winter Late autumn is the best time to prepare a summer cottage for winter, and if there is a decorative pond among the decor items on the territory of your suburban home, then preparing for frosty time becomes much more exciting. Today we will tell and show you what to do with decorative reservoirs, aquatic plants and in which hotels to populate the freshwater inhabitants of your pond. So, first, let's clarify what ponds are. Ponds are large And small To prepare a small reservoir for wintering is mucheasier. It is enough to pump out water from it, remove all plants and fish (if any) and send them to winter. We advise you to place the fish in a specially prepared barrel, as well as purchase a pump that will saturate the water with oxygen. However, today there are even special companies that are ready to take freshwater inhabitants for winter storage. Especially for those who know all their fish by name, and can also tell about their family ties without any problems, Roomble inquired about the prices in "fish hotels". So:

  • For the "invitation" of five fish, which do not exceed 10 cm, they will take about one thousand rubles.
  • Recreation of water inhabitants up to 20 cm will cost owners 300 rubles apiece.
  • In some "winter apartments" the prices for fish are calculated differently - depending on the breed, size, quantity.

With plants, the situation is much simpler: they can be moved to the basement (or any other room) and placed in containers with water. A small pond for winter can be covered with boards or polyethylene, in order to avoid getting garbage from the site in the pouring autumn rains, and snow in the winter, respectively. Opinion of the Editorial Board:

  • Pipes, through which the water flows, is closed not with wooden but with foam plastic "plugs"! Since the tree has the property of swelling in the water.
  • If the pond on your site is natural, then you can leave the water for winter in it, and all frost-resistant plants need to be cut to the water level.
  • And if in your reservoir there is a reed, then it should not be cut - it serves as an air line and provides the fish with oxygen. And if there is no reed, in the winter cut a small hole.

Thermophilic vegetation, such as sedge,Canna or iris, should be attributed to the wintering in the room. In this case, do not forget that a lot of light to these plants do not absolutely need to be mandatory, but you need to remember about the constant watering. Fish, as a rule, prefer to hibernate,buried in the silt - they feel warm and well there. Therefore, it is better not to remove silt from the reservoir, so as not to leave the fish without a "lodging", because not every fish can afford a "hotel". Roomble advises:

  • Acquire aerator - a special device that prevents the flowering of your pond.
  • Acquire a special device that will provide wormwood in your pond, often it is combined with water pressure filters.
  • Periodically clean the frozen surface of the reservoir from snow, and do not cover the reservoir with boards or special burlap. For fish and plants, light is important!

In the event that the pond on your site is concreteOr plastic, and its reliability is not subject to doubt, it is not absolutely necessary to drain water for the winter. However, if the pond is located above the ground level, the water level should be lowered. And, finally, if you own a plasticAnd did not skip the physics lessons at school, you know that with the onset of frost, water has the ability to expand, and this is fraught with a skeleton. Roomble recommends:

  • Do not dispose of empty plastic bottles, butFill them with sand about half and put it on the bottom of your plastic pond. The fact is that they are able to withstand the pressure of ice, as your liver once contained.
  • Before the onset of frost, throw a few rubber balls or logs into the pond - then the walls of your reservoir will not damage the harmful ice.

We hope that Roomble helped you prepare a decorative reservoir for the winter. And in the summer you can admire your reflection in crystal clear water.