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The idea of ​​the interior for a small room: the project Manolo - an unusual compact furniture


Manolo is a multifunctional wall panel.from Italian designer Hilario Branca. It is characterized by high adaptability to individual needs, exceptional utility and expressive appearance. Wooden module handles and creative approachbasic elements to create the perfect configuration, which can be a clothes hanger, bookshelf, bedside table or the simplest rack. This modern product flexibly interacts with the space, changes and adapts to it, allowing the user to get a new piece of furniture without additional costs. The creation of this project was inspired by the typical American shaker style hangers. We are talking about wall wood panels with pegs stuffed on them. The package includes Manolo handles, clothes hanger, large and several small shelves. Handles can be used as supporting parts for placing additional elements, or simply hang up jackets and coats on them. Manolo is an attempt by Ilario Brancato visualize the concept "Design as a Solution" promoted by him. His idea is simple and fun, and the product he created is able to meet a variety of daily needs, while showing its playful and adaptive nature. Categories: Places: • • • • • •

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