Convertible Furniture

6 options for designer shelving for small rooms


Shelves are an elegant and practical way to store andpost your stuff. If you have small rooms in your house, use the area effectively. This is especially true for owners of small modern apartments. Make every square centimeter useful with the following simple but effective techniques.

1. Suspended bookshelves

They will bring newness to your interior, because you canchoose for them any place on the wall, and are perfect for storing books, placing photos, flower arrangements, any trinkets. Save a lot of space and are very functional. Using them, you save space for tables and other furniture. It is better to choose models with strong fastenings in order to place weighty things without fear.

2. Composition of bookshelves

This version of the bookcase is composed ofsets of hexagonal shelves. They are made of light but durable material, which is subject to subsequent processing, and also allows the use of furniture both indoors and outdoors. It is convenient to store books, records, DVDs and even wine bottles on them.

3. Rack from ceiling to floor

This storage idea is for thosecorners of the apartment that you expect to turn into a semblance of a study. Having built in a rack also a table-top, you will increase the useful area and at the same time receive an excellent place for storage. At the table you work comfortably, and any necessary thing is within reach, at arm's length.

4. Comprehensive unit

This is an individual design that you canbuild around a kitchen column, if available in your home. Such examples provide additional storage space, which in the kitchen is never enough, and also create a bright fashionable accent in the interior.

5. Folding bookshelves

These samples will help you place your books andnice little things, showing imagination and practicality at the same time. They are lightweight, but strong enough to hold a few things. Save space due to its ability to climb 90 degrees. You need to put a book - a hand movement down, and the horizontal plane is ready. No need - raised, and now there is nothing, except for the vertical decorative element of the interior.

6. Comprehensive Storage System

If your bedroom is too small, strengthenspace functionality with a mobile wall. Throwing it back, you get a comfortable place to sleep, lifting - a lot of shelves. This idea is just a salvation in a small room. Here are just a few topical examples of racks that will help you use a limited area efficiently. Do not forget that in any house there are vacant areas in the bedrooms and corridors, especially under the ceiling and near the floor. Try to reorganize your space with the help of our tips.