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The idea of ​​the interior for a small room: bookniture - unusual compact furniture


Multifunctional and incredibly compact,Bookniture is a smart piece of furniture that, when assembled, looks like a regular notebook. The author of the idea is Hong Kong designer Mike Mack, who presents his development on Kickstarter and is very much counting on the support of Internet users. Bookniture is an extremely practical invention. It can serve as a footrest, bedside table or table for standing. Moreover, you can take it with you anywhere and use it as a stool. But the most remarkable thing is that when folded, the Bookniture looks like a book or a notebook and does not take up much space. This ability leads to unparalleled portability and impeccable product style. Bookniture design combines modern lookon the art of origami and the tradition of bookbinding. The author of the project studied in detail the properties of various materials designed to ensure the stability and durability of his invention. First of all, he was interested in a special paper used around the world for the mass production of sculptures in the technique of origami. After numerous trial attempts, Mike Mack was able to achieve a satisfying result: Bookniture turned out to be durable, flexible and portable at the same time. For added user comfortthe product is supplied with a two-color mat, which can be a table top or a seat. Do you find Bookniture attractive? Categories: Places: • • • • • •

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