Interior of a one-room apartment

The interior of a small apartment: photos and tips

Today we will try to find out: so you can visually expand a small living space? Designers claim that the wallpaper does wonders! And confirm this fact in practice. Let's make sure!

Visual interest

The interior of this room, at a glance,reminds pure Scandinavian: wooden flooring complements the white walls, there are no curtains on the windows, and the pieces of furniture have straight and concise lines. This method of arrangement is ideal for a small space, because with its help you can arrange a full-fledged housing on limited square meters. The owners of the apartment did not want her to look the same. To diversify the design, they stuck amazing wall murals on the wall. The result was astounding: the end-to-end perspective creates an effect of infinity.

Profitable savings

Thanks to this tricky approach, the roomsignificantly deepened. In view of this, the owners had to correctly arrange the furniture. The sofa, which easily turns into a bed, emphasized the edge of the room and balanced the interior. An office table was placed by the window. The kitchen was equipped in the corner of the apartment, separating it from the living area with a special partition. This arrangement made it possible to have work surfaces and a dining table, without taking up much space.

Convenient practicality

In the hallway placed a closet for storage,removing it from the residential area. So that the corridor did not seem narrow, the owners chose an interesting carpet with a geometric pattern that visually expands the room. Different types of flooring helped to highlight functional areas: in the living room you can see a parquet of light color, and black tiles were laid at the entrance. This solution, in addition to creating visual boundaries, is quite practical: dark flooring hides dirty marks and mechanical damage. As a result, we can say that the owners, while decorating their extraordinary housing, have not forgotten what should be, first of all, comfortable and functional.