Organization of space

Learning to deceive the eyes: 7 techniques of visual enlarging the space


Here are the techniques that help visuallyMake even a tiny apartment spacious and open. We all want to have a spacious home. Alas, often our dreams rest against the ceilings of standard apartments, the height of which does not exceed 2.4-2.7 m. It is sad, but not fatal. There are several ways to fix this.

Tip # 1: Choose reflective surfaces

It can be anything: glossy ceilings, mirrors or even furniture and household appliances with a reflective surface. The main thing here is the result.

Tip # 2: make multilevel ceilings

Multi-level designs can create quite unexpected effects. So, in a different-level ceiling, you can hide the lighting, and also create with its help the optical illusion of high ceilings.

Tip # 3: make a one-color interior

Try to select all materials, furniture, decorIn one color scheme. A favorite reception of Scandinavians - white cabinets against the white walls. They know that so the furniture merges with the wall and becomes virtually unnoticeable. Curtains, furniture and walls in one tonality look the most advantageous.

Tip # 4: Choose Vertical Patterns

Everyone knows that vertical patterns create an illusionPulling up. If the strip is not in your taste or has bothered you, look at the vegetable patterns or bamboo prints, especially since they are still very popular today.

Tip # 5: give up the top light

Yes, yes, completely refuse. No chandeliers and ceiling lights. Wall sconces, lamps and lamps with an adjustable level of light will create a feeling of a very high ceiling.

Board number 6: high furniture

Bulky "plump" closets "growth" from you orA little higher will lock up the apartment in two counts. Choose only high and narrow furniture. So you not only create the illusion of a high room, but you will also be able to find a place for all your things.

Tip # 7: Do not shade the windows

Curtains to the middle of the window or just below the windowsillVisually expand the apartment and make the ceiling level lower. If the windows in your apartment are high, it's best to leave them without curtains at all. If there are neighbors next to your windows and you do not like it, pick up the curtains from the ceiling to the floor.