Small apartments

Mikrolofty: modern design ideas for small apartments


Design ideas for small apartments:simple and tasteful In design, as in life, more does not always mean better. In - urban apartments with an area less than the smallest (up to 20 sq. M.) - you will have to optimize the space you have in order to fully unleash its potential. The three microsoft solutions presented in this article are small in size, but each one reflects the individuality of its owners. Developing a design for rooms of this size and including all the necessary functional areas there - from the kitchen to the bathroom - is a serious design challenge.

Option 1

The first microloft has an area of ​​47 sq. M. m., which is quite a lot for apartments of this level. Its space seems quite open and free due to the successful choice of colors and furniture. White wood panels allow daylight to visually increase the volume. The compact kitchen has a small dinette and plenty of space for preparing light snacks. The bathroom is surprisingly large, with elegant white tiles and a deep bath, so that the most private place in the house in the house is a real refuge.

Option # 2

The second microloft is slightly smaller than the first - 39 square meters. The small square forced the designers to put a dining table between the sofa and the TV, which is somewhat inconvenient. The kitchen in this room is somewhat more compact than the bar. The bedroom, hidden behind sliding doors, resembles a cave for sleeping, but looks quite comfortable.

Option # 3

The last microloft in this collection hasarea of ​​56 square meters. m. A little more meter means a bit more room for a designer. Dining table for four persons creates a cosiness in the kitchen area. Separate bedroom can be easily closed forsliding doors. The simple ability to separate the bed from the living room is of great importance when it comes to life in the microloft. This means that you can relax or work in one area of ​​your apartment, and sleep in another. This separation is very important for the removal of psycho-emotional stress. So the creative approach of professional designers allows you to turn cramped city apartments into personal residences!