Organization of space

Modern kitchen: cosiness, design of furniture, the best home appliances


Comfort is not only beauty and external harmonycolors and shapes. First of all, it is convenience, comfortable and thought out to the smallest detail arrangement of life. Naturally, each person has their own idea of ​​beauty and comfort, especially when it comes to cuisine. In this article we will tell you how a kitchen should look like, in which you will feel comfortable, where it is convenient to cook, and sit with friends and family over a cup of tea ... Each person has their own idea of ​​beauty and comfort, especially when it comes to about the kitchen. For some, it is important that there is a large cutting table, others pay special attention to the availability of modern household appliances, while others believe that the main thing is more light. Let's see what should be emphasized in the improvement of the kitchen. So ... Kitchen is the center of living space For the past few years, the idea of ​​“kitchen is the center of living space” has been actively circulating in the minds of designers and ordinary people, where the process of cooking is organically combined with rest and entertainment. As a result, the kitchen ceases to be an isolated space, integrating into the general interior of the living space and absorbing the functions of a dining room, living room and even an office. If you like this idea, then opt for kitchen furniture that will combine the kitchen, living room and dining room:

  • Dining tables, turning into working areas;
  • Extensible hoods, fully merged with the overall interior design or with built-in TV;
  • Cabinets, supplemented with shelves in the form of slides for ceremonial porcelain;
  • Modular furniture systems of shelving where it is possible to place both kitchen utensils, and selection of books and magazines necessary for work;
  • Instead of chairs and stools - all kinds of armchairs and sofas, which, if desired, can be turned into an extra bed.

And, of course, the apogee of integration is "disappearing"household appliances and transforming work surfaces. If you are a little confused by the life of open space, then the designers suggest zoning the space with cabinets and shelves, or using sliding doors that can easily and completely transform the design of the entire interior. But no matter how comfortable tables and chairs we areyou choose no matter what newfangled household appliances you buy, no matter how you arrange the lighting, the main thing in a cozy kitchen is a special atmosphere that is created from small details, and they somehow emphasize the comfort and style of your kitchen. Manufacturability Innovative technologies that permeate our entire lives and are designed to facilitate our work and make our rest as comfortable as possible do not leave us in the kitchen either. Every square meter of modern kitchen is literally stuffed with all kinds of technology. There are surround sound systems, and touch screens with a web connection, which allow you not only to eat and cook to the sound of music, but also to order the necessary goods, “without leaving the checkout,” and all kinds of hoods, multicooker, blenders, sophisticated dishwashers and coffee machines , distinguishing the type of dishes and brewing several types of coffee, ovens and, of course, refrigerators. Of all the technical means listed above, the refrigerator is perhaps the only item without which the life of a modern person is simply unthinkable. The companies involved in the production of these "priceless" household appliances, too, do not stand still, constantly improving their offspring. can be considered one of the masterpieces of the refrigeration industry, combining stylish design and many useful features. In addition to the fact that the minimalist facade of "Crystal" is lined with shock-resistant colored glass, the refrigerator has incredible capacity: you can easily load large-sized cans and bottles into it, and you yourself can choose on which of 11 levels you will install five shelves and where it is better to fix the suspension for bottles. A special antimicrobial filter, which is equipped with the refrigerator ventilation system, reliably protects your products from unpleasant odors and bacteria, and thanks to special zones (Hydro Fresh Zone for fruits and vegetables, Cool Frezh Zone for meat and fish), where the optimal level of humidity and temperature is maintained, will allow you to preserve the nutritional properties and vitamins in products without much effort. Parents of young children will appreciate the option of locking the door from accidental interference in the system operation. If you have a Kristall refrigerator, then when you go on vacation, you do not have to worry about food and electricity bills - you can set it up for minimum electricity consumption while you are not at home, and in the event of a power outage it is able to maintain the optimal temperature to store food for 18 hours! Read more about the characteristics of the magic refrigerator. Functionality A consequence of the creation in the housea universal space where you can cook, relax and work, has become a special attention to the functionality of interior items and innovative technologies that are designed to make our life as comfortable as possible. So, special preference in the design of the kitchen should be given to cabinets, the doors of which are made of light materials, so that the internal niches are equipped with a special lighting system, and the surfaces are super-resistant to mechanical and chemical damage, easy to wash and, ideally, not get dirty (anti-fingerprint coating ). It will also be useful to have such a technological addition as a cabinet equipped with an electric lift. This will make your life much easier. If the area of ​​your apartment allows you to put a kitchen-island, then choose a two-level option. In this case, the lower part can be used as a storage system, and the upper one, for example, as a table for a dinner for two (just buy a couple of bar stools). In addition to the fact that the island can serve as both a dining and a work table, it will also perfectly cope with the zoning of work and living space. By the way, there will be countertops that smoothly merge into the bar counter; sinks, faucets and hobs, which are easily hidden under a special cover-table top; work surfaces that change length and width due to movable pedestals, roll-out tables and pull-out tabletops; serving tables turning into dining tables; TVs mounted in facades. Pay special attention to the handles. To preserve the cleanliness of lines, the beauty of textures, and just so as not to touch all sorts of protrusions once again, choose furniture with ergonomic recesses and all kinds of sensor technologies that allow you to open doors and pull out drawers with a light touch ... The main thing is that everything is at hand and easily adjusted to fit specific needs.