Night under the starry sky: a magical hotel in Africa


And should not we dream about traveling to Africa? They are there just high season. On the occasion we found a unique hotel-lodge that will acquaint with exotic nature, but it will not deprive us of the usual comfort. On the territory of the reserve in the heart of hot Africa is located an incredible hotel called Lion Sands Game Reserve. When you visit this wonderful place all the pressing problems are guaranteed to go to the background, and you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of untouched nature and exotic sensations. At the same time, you can return to your comfortable room at any time and enjoy the most modern goods of civilization. Useful information about the hotel Price per night:in a lodge - from $ 650 to $ 1,500 per person, in a tree house - $ 300. R. Location: Kruger National Park, 1240, Skukuza, South Africa. How to get there: first of all, you need to get to Cape Town, from there take a plane to Skukuza, and from the airport the hotel provides a transfer to your destination, and you will get there with a breeze in half an hour in a special car for a safari. Number of rooms: There are four lodges with 44 rooms on the territory of the hotel, which can easily accommodate almost 90 guests. And, of course, three exotic tree houses cannot be ignored. One of them is designed for two and will be appreciated by newlyweds or just couples in love. And the other two are family-run, where three or four people can live. Entertainment for hotel guests: morning and evening safaris, ranger guided hiking, bird watching, astronomy, fishing, wellness and much more. Please note: if you have small children under the age of six, you will have to postpone your trip to this African hotel for a while or go without them. A bit of history Robert Moore and his wife, hotel owner In the 30s of the last century, American Guy Aubrey acquired a piece of African land and created a cozy place to relax there. From childhood, he instilled in his children love and respect for the surrounding nature, animals, and they, in turn, passed this on to their children. So, for four generations, these untouched lands have been proudly preserved for many years. Robert Moore, the great-grandson of Guy Aubrey, continues the family business, putting his whole soul into it. And even when the entire hotel was flooded in 2000 due to flooding, he and his brother not only restored everything, but also completed new lodges. Wildlife + maximum comfort No hotelabsolutely no fences, so from the terrace of the room you can watch formidable lions, yawning hippos, measured elephants, funny giraffes and other representatives of the local fauna. All of them will live their lives in an unspoiled natural environment, where you too will find a safe place. Perhaps this is the main advantage of the hotel - the opportunity to touch nature and become a part of it, in a protected room with all the amenities. As for living conditions, they are here at a very high level. There you will find luxurious interiors, hot water, clean bedding, Wi-Fi in every corner and other delights. Delicious food, housekeeping and clean towels appear here as if by magic, so you don't have to worry about the quality of service either. Tree houses The highlight of the hotel istree houses, which, probably, every child dreamed of in childhood. And even if they are located not quite on trees, but on solid piles, disguised as a general picture, they harmoniously merge with the surrounding nature. During the day, admire the enchanting landscapes and observe the life of wild animals, because at night your heart will be conquered by the cloudless and starry African sky, where it seems that you can touch the stars with your hand. Lodges As already mentioned, on the territory of LionSands Game Reserve has four lodges, all of which are decorated in African style. The most luxurious and expensive of these is Ivory Lodge, which includes six luxurious suites in the form of private villas with an area of ​​165 square meters. Private pool, private courtyard, huge living room with fireplace, terrace with stunning views of the Sabi River, additional outdoor shower outside, and most importantly, privacy: all villas are located far from each other. Narina Lodge is built on stilts, gently merging with the riverside trees and the Sabi River. This lodge consists of nine spacious rooms that are linked to the main building. While soaking in a warm bath, you can admire the African landscapes through panoramic windows. Tinga Lodge also includes nine suites, making it the ultimate wildlife spot. By the way, the Sabi River area is famous for the fact that it has the largest concentration of leopards in Africa. This is really impressive. River Lodge is the heart and soul of the hotel, here you will feel at home. Tips for interior design in the African style:

  • Use warm earthy and sandy shades,They will best emphasize African motifs and convey the spirit of local nature. They should be associated with a scorching sun, scorched grass and a hot desert. Very impressive in the role of accents look blue shades.
  • Choose a variety of natural materials: wood, natural stone, animal skins, rattan, clay, leather and others.
  • Furniture should be rough, wooden, with simple geometric shapes and beautiful carvings. In addition, the forged furniture, leather, and also wicker will look harmonious.
  • Add interior items of tribal art, so that the African theme looks finished. For this, Cameroonian hats ju-ju, drums, African baskets, masks, clay bowls are suitable.
  • Do not forget to use animal images,To get a real safari at home. These can be statuettes of hippos, elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, lions, and prints on textiles with these animals.