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How to equip a dressing table, a boudoir, a female corner: the best ideas and advice -


Beauty requires not only victims, but also freePlaces. This is especially true if it is a place so intimate for any woman, like a toilet room, or at least a toilet corner in the bedroom. How to organize it, what should be provided in advance, and what should not be worried about at all - read in our new material

Interior design expert of the online hypermarket MebelVia Lilia Shulga told us how to create a small island of female joys in the bedroom.

The organization of its own corner in the bedroom,Like the dressing room of the actress, can not be called the whim of the oligarch's effeminate wife, because she not only pleases the owner, but also solves everyday problems. In the usual planning, the presence of a mirror is usually assumed in the bathroom and in the hallway. Sometimes it is in the bedroom, most often as the door of the closet. But to keep dry cosmetics in a room with a constant high humidity is harmful, and you can not put tubes and jars in the wardrobe. Therefore, the organized dressing table is the place of storage of a lot of female "tricks": creams, decorative cosmetics, jewelry, rubber bands and hairpins. Distributed in different places of the apartment, they can cause discontent home, and often make the mistress spend time looking for left somewhere blush and lost hairpins. Thoughtful approach

If the apartment is under repair, it is worth in advanceTo think over and decorate the place where the dressing table will be located. True, the same wall decoration is preferred throughout the room, the same applies to the floor. Recently, designers generally refuse to cover in different rooms, as masking joints creates additional difficulties and distracts visually. Julia Borisova, interior designer:

- In one of my projects, I'm somehow in prettyA small bedroom, about 20 meters, divided the area with a glass partition with a canopy. Behind the partition on either side of the window there is a desktop for the computer and a decorative small table-desk with a mirror. Since the glass-partition is expanding, it can be left in different positions and use a curtain. This is an excellent trick for a small two-room apartment, if one needs to sleep, and another to work - and vice versa, in the morning, without getting light into the bedroom, you can go behind the partition and put yourself in order. The curtain, which separates and decorates the bedroom, can be moved apart, it serves simultaneously as a partition and adds a volume to the room. Zoning above all

For the designation of interior zones,Ceiling, it can be a decorative thematic painting or voluminous, slightly lowered plasterboard structures, painted in the overall tone of the ceiling. It is appropriate to place spotlights, spotlights, aimed just at the dressing table. By the way, it is better to place it near the window in order to get enough light in the daytime and be able to check makeup in natural light. It is worthwhile to equip the corner with additional lights, it can be like an LED strip around the mirror, and sconces on both sides. Screen or shelving?

Separate the female corner in the bedroom asAn independent zone can be used with an open rack. There are models, additionally equipped with storage boxes. A romantic screen will be given to the interior by a screen. This piece of furniture again returns to fashion, today there is a wide selection of design screens. When folded, they are compact, some can be removed into cabinets. And in full carry and practical function: after finishing with makeup at the table, you can finally put on a dress that hangs right there on the shoulders. Choosing furniture

Carefully choose furniture. So, the wheelchair will look more like an office and a work area, so choose an ordinary chair, but comfortable in height, back and stiffness.

A classic example of organizing a female corner in the bedroom is a dressing table with a large mirror and a small ottoman. Julia Kirpicheva, interior designer:

- A women's dressing table is an interior item,The aesthetic side prevails over ergonomic. Take his choice creatively, for comparison, as if you were buying a clutch to emphasize the image, rather than a backpack for everyday comfortable socks.

Dressing table can be selected in the overall style of the bed and closet, but this should not be one furniture set.

Details in interior solutions are very important. Focus on the ottoman. For example, the upholstery of the ottoman (or the trim of the upholstery) can contrast in color with the finish of the table. For example, the finishing of a table - a veneer of color bitterly chocolate, an ottoman can be lined with a gently-blue satin.

An alternative to a dressing table in the case ofThe shortage of the bedroom area can be both a chest of drawers, and a wall shelf. In this case, the mirror, which will be paired with the above items, should be an accent.

Mirror can be hung on the wall, put on the floor.

The mirror can be designed in different moldings:colored, stucco, with a pronounced texture. The mirror should be large and located next to or on the same wall with the window / windows. Dressing table

The choice of dressing tables is great. Do not forget to provide for the presence of a mini-chest and shelves, if the dressing-table has few shelves. Also, if the area of ​​the room does not allow you to put a separate table, consider a variant with an expanded window sill, made to order. In a package to this solution it is logical to purchase a large mirror on the stand and a lamp that can be tilted and turned in different directions. Gather your own set

It is not necessary to "chase" the purchase of a kit,The main thing - to pick up similar subjects. For example, made of one material, or, conversely, modern, bright, painted in contrasting colors. If the mirror is trimmed with aged gilding, the same technique can be used at the edges of the chair. Lilia Shulga, interior design expert of MebelVia online hypermarket

Do not forget about the overall harmony in the interior.bedrooms. For example, an aged grandma's dressing table will look harmonious in a vintage interior, but it will not work at all for modern minimalist or Scandinavian finishes using simple shapes and light colors. And if the whole room is made in soft, muted pastel colors, velveteen decorative pillows are used in the decor, then a sharply outlined table made of mirrored panels and a transparent plastic chair will look alien.

Modern interior solutions are aimed at,To make the space comfortable for life, not just beautiful. In this sense, its own corner in the bedroom would be for a woman to a place where she slowly and comfortably, that is sitting and in good light, be able to apply makeup, do my hair and manicure, pick up accessories.