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Incredible Villa Golfer Tiger Woods in Hawaii

Tiger Woods - the first everbillionaire athlete. However, he knows how not only to earn, but also to spend money. We invite you to admire one of his most successful acquisitions - a luxury villa in Hawaii Tiger Woods was born on New Year's Day (December 30) and, apparently, under a lucky star. By the age of 39, he managed not only to win all famous golf tournaments, but also to become the first athlete who managed to earn a billion dollars. And all this thanks to the innate talent of a golfer and stunning charisma. By the way, the personal charm of Tiger Woods played an important role in his enrichment. Secretly: he earned most of his billion from advertising. Tiger Woods, Golfer It is certainly nice to make a lot of money, but it is even more enjoyable to spend it. And in shopping for billionaires, Tiger Woods is a real pro. In addition to expensive cars, yachts and watches, the athlete spares no expense for luxury real estate. Marvel at his incredible villa in Hawaii, the interior of which is simply amazing. The area of ​​this surreal house is over 800square meters. It has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a huge panoramic swimming pool, inlaid with gold leaf, and several baths with a Jacuzzi that can simultaneously accommodate 25 people. Cathedral ceilings as well as decorativeaccessories in the form of unique pieces of pictorial art and rare sculptures create a museum atmosphere rather than a beach atmosphere in the house. However, the pretentiousness and indicative luxury of the interior is softened by the romantic ocean views that open from the numerous panoramic windows. The architectural techniques used in the construction of the house help it "breathe". Some of the walls are completely absent, and roller shutters are provided in case of bad weather.

The rules of luxury interior by Tiger Woods:

  • As Villa Tiger Woods shows, the interiorThe beach house does not have to abound with mats and wicker furniture. If you have the opportunity and desire, decorate it as luxuriously as your urban home. Enjoying the beauty of nature, sitting on a comfortable couch, is no less, and perhaps more pleasant, than balancing in a hammock.
  • Pay attention to the construction of the stairs. Due to its curved shape, it seems to flow in space. This design method visually facilitates the heavy concrete construction and allows the staircase harmoniously fit into the interior.
  • Glowing ceiling above the stairs and patio areaIs, perhaps, the main decorative accent of the whole of this zone (which is not typical for ceilings). A successful combination of traditional for the Mediterranean style wooden beams and bright neon lights makes it extraordinarily spectacular and pleasant for contemplation.
  • The fashion for panoramic windows was replaced by a fashion for absence of windows and walls as those. Their functions were taken on by sliding systems. The house of Tiger Woods is a perfect illustration of this trend.
  • Very impressive look avant-garde paintings,Decorating the wall of the second floor (above the stairs). Lighting is built in such a way that an effect is created, as if the canvases are shining from the inside. This technique should be used: the correct illumination is capable of turning any object into an analog of the original designer lamp.