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As for the holidays to equip a home gym: 3 options for a different budget -

Want to get yourself in shape, but a fitness clublong away? Arrange your own home gym. And you do not have to go far, and you do not need to pay for a fitness trainer will teach your readers to be in shape at any time of the year. And we were inspired by the Californian sports club Baja Body Athletic Club. Paraphrasing the famous saying, the guys from the fitness club thought: "If you do not go to the beach, then let the beach come to you" - and created the first sand oasis for training right on the premises. Thus, visitors to the Baja Body Athletic Clubnot only are satisfied with the best physical results (as even jumping on the sand is more energy-consuming than doing the same on the floor of the fitness room), but also get tactile and aesthetic pleasure. Therefore, if there is a free home in your homea small room, then turn it into a small gym is not difficult. So, the "fitness club" at home. Prepare a place Surely the room is not empty, so you should arrange all the furniture in it so that you can stand there unimpeded, lie and jump (without bumping your head against the ceiling). Determined with a set of simulators If the placeallows you, the ideal option for you will be a treadmill or an exercise bike. If the place is not so much, and the salary is delayed, then the tourist rug and the jump rope help you. Also a fitness ball (fitball) is great for pumping a press and back. Establishing a personal trainer No, we do not offeryou invite home a professional athlete. First, it will cost you a pretty penny, and secondly, there is another way out of the situation - a DVD with fitness training. And if you do not already have a DVD player, then on YouTube you can easily find a suitable training package for you. Choose an inventory In any sports shopbuy a dumbbell (better teams, to independently adjust the weight). It's not bad to get weightlifters on your feet and on your hands - the result will come faster. A budgetary version of weighting agents and dumbbells is a bottle with sand or water. Let's start training in your personal mini-fitness! Do not forget about the regularity of training (2-3 times a week - the best option). Otherwise, for whom did you make this luxurious room? Well, if the creation of such a home gym seems to you boring, order a couple of trucks with sand. We specifically for you even learned the rates:

  • KamAZ sand (10 m3) - 5 500 rubles;
  • machine of sand (20 m3) - 8,000 rubles.

It is better to let the sand fall on the head of neighbors from below, and not from you. And now we will show you three possible optionsorganization of a full-fledged gym in the home. Variants will vary according to the reader's purchasing power. So, look and remember. If you are the son of an oligarch, here is the version of the inventory that you will need to purchase for organizing a personal gym:

  • veloergometer (or better two, if suddenly someone wants to make you a company);
  • power frame (preferably with horizontal bars with adjustable height);
  • several different vultures (better Olympic set);
  • dumbbells (with gradation in weight from 10 to 40-50 kg);
  • set of pancakes for the bar (tonnage should beabout 300 kg. No, you do not need to hang them all on one bar - they are needed to load all the vultures with the necessary number of disks for different exercises);
  • a sports bench with the possibility of adjusting the degree of inclination;
  • medbol (a better set for various exercises);
  • expanders or rubber shock absorbers (preferably a special set of shock absorbers of different rigidity);
  • platform for exercises with a barbell;
  • pair of fitballs.
  • The cost of such a hall will be about half a millionRussian rubles. Let's be frank: for this money, you can visit a fitness boutique in the capital for several years, where you will be taught how to properly perform all exercises, and insure yourself on the bench press. Option for those who do not have an apartment on Rublevka:

  • hanging horizontal bar (or universal construction with built-in horizontal bar a-la "Swedish wall");
  • bench with adjustable slope;
  • a pair of Olympic vultures;
  • several prefabricated dumbbells;
  • rubberized "pancakes" for the bar (set about 150 kg);
  • medbol;
  • fitball.
  • Option for those who do not want to put new Olympic records, but just want to keep themselves in shape. In our opinion, the minimum set of equipment for a home gym is as follows:

  • dumbbells (better teams, with a maximum number of discs, as these dumbbells will serve you and for training your legs);
  • horizontal bar (the easiest, which can be mounted at home);
  • a pair of medbals;
  • fitball;
  • tourist karemat (or just a mat for fitness).
  • Our opinion:

    • if you decided to take a bedroom or a drawing room to a gym, then it's better to separate the place for lessons by a screen;
    • walls are better to be coated with a material resistant to moisture (cork panels or decorative plaster without an oil base);
    • On the floor you need to lay a rubber mat (it will increase the soundproofing - if you, of course, do not want to install a sound-proof substrate under the parquet);
    • the light should be warm and white, and on the wall you need to place a large mirror (to monitor the correctness of the exercises);
    • Do not pursue the "ultramodern" simulators (get to begin with simple and necessary);
    • whatever the set of simulators, take care ofso that in your improvised gym there is a sturdy chair that will come in handy for some exercises, and to hang a towel or put a bottle of water.

    Winter is a good time to get in shapeand in the summer to show off on the beach a beautiful torso or flawless waist. Editorial wants our readers to be beautiful and smart. Take and constantly cultivate!